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  • In Storm’s Wake

    In Storm’s Wake

    Vietnamese Americans Hard-Hit Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath may have killed dozens or more Vietnamese Americans living along the Gulf Coast.

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  • 31 Flavors

    31 Flavors

    Indian summer may last through September in the Bay Area, but I’m beginning to feel the first signs of fall: changing colors of leaves in Golden Gate Park accompanied by a certain crispness in the air.

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  • Know Your APA Groups in Washington, D.C.

    Know Your APA Groups in Washington, D.C.

    Washington, D.C. is awash with lobbyists. Well heeled by industry associations, power brokers roam Capitol Hill to press their clients’ business interests. In a parallel and less

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  • New and Notable Books

    New and Notable Books

    FICTION Entrys By Peter Bacho (University of Hawai’i Press)

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  • The Return of Charlie Chan

    The Return of Charlie Chan

    A few years ago, Fox announced that it was revisiting one of its most famous, and possibly infamous, franchises — the Charlie Chan series — this time starring Charlie’s Angel Lucy Liu as a sleuthing relative of the famous detective.

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  • In AsianWeek History

    In AsianWeek History

    September 9, 1988 Attorney General Says Asian Gangs Expand Drug Operations According to a report by California Attorney General John Van de Kamp, Asian gangs controlled 20 of the 40 percent of the illegal drug market in the United States.

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  • ‘Preservation Park’ Heroes in Oakland

    ‘Preservation Park’ Heroes in Oakland

    While real heroes are coming from all over to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, Oakland is fortunate to have its own real heroes who work tirelessly in their own ways to find or create shelter and resources for those less fortunate.

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  • Missy Found M.I.A.

    Missy Found M.I.A.

    MISSY’S MUSIC MUSE M.I.A. (née Maya Arulpragasam) is hip-hop’s new renegade M.C. and Missy Elliott’s muse, and the British Sri Lankan native is pumped to tour with her album release, Arular.

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  • Tango and Swing Man

    Tango and Swing Man

    Certainly S.F. school board member Norman Yee –– expert tango dancer –– is now a swinger, as in swing vote, on a divided 4-3 board. Yee’s election last Nov. encouraged a departure threat by Supt. Arlene Ackerman, but that only begs the question –– what […]

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  • Charlie Wu and the Ice Cream Factory

    Charlie Wu and the Ice Cream Factory

    Polly Ann Ice Cream has been a San Francisco institution for the past 50 years, introducing over 500 flavors to its multi-generational fans. Located at the northeast corner of 39th Avenue and Noriega Street, Polly Ann has been the

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