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  • Nation Briefs

    Nation Briefs

    Hmong Braced for Trial in Hunting Case MINNEAPOLIS — Hmong people are going to face more intense scrutiny as the trial of a Hmong truck driver accused of murdering six northern Wisconsin deer hunters

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  • Bay Briefs

    Bay Briefs

    Gathering Under the Banyan EVENT: 2005 Chinese American Studies Conference, hosted by the Chinese Historical Society of America and the Asian American Studies Department of SFSU

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  • Arts Briefs

    Arts Briefs

    Adopt a Crane The Asian American Donor Program (AADP) is sponsoring an Adopt-A-Crane Art Contest. Artists are invited to submit origami-inspired artwork that does not

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  • Global Briefs

    Global Briefs

    Japan Not Legally Responsible for Sex Slaves TOKYO — Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said that the Japanese government has no legal responsibility toward the so-called “comfort women” who were forced into

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  • Fixing the ‘Broken’ Immigration System

    Fixing the ‘Broken’ Immigration System

    Immigration policy in the U.S. continues to flounder under the weight of outdated expectations, inadequate resources and conflicting objectives. We should be concerned about the lack of a process that is orderly, secure and efficient.

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  • Letters to the Editor

    Letters to the Editor

    Give, Whether in India or the U.S. During the recent flooding in Mumbai and U.S., stories abounded of neighbors and even strangers helping each other.

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  • Emcees Take the Mike

    Emcees Take the Mike

    Race matters in America, as the recent disaster of Hurricane Katrina has horribly illuminated in the Gulf States. Yet in some corners of the world, the lines of color and class that seemingly divide us often meld and merge.

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  • Emil Amok: We Know Refugee

    Emil Amok: We Know Refugee

    Evacuee? Refugee? Who else but an Asian American could answer that question? An Asian American like Xuan Muise.

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  • Houston Waits to Help APA Evacuees

    Houston Waits to Help APA Evacuees

    The rate of evacuees from Louisiana and Mississippi living in three large Houston shelters is declining from more than 27,000 a week after the hurricane to just under 5,000. Many local Asian Pacific Americans have sheltered

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  • Racist Rhymes Spike Jin

    Racist Rhymes Spike Jin

    Rapper Jin Tha MC was defeated by Serius Jones in a stacked contest with Jones using pre-written material and some seriously racist rhymes. Jin, the champion from

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