CAAEN Builds Network

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The Corporate Asian American Employee Network’s (CAAEN) held its annual gathering in Santa Clara this month and featured top APA business people from Silicon Valley companies talking about mentoring and role modeling.

Larry Chang, vice president of global function and finance at Hewlett-Packard; S.K. Gupta, vice president of operations at Lockheed Martin; and Edward So, vice president and director of California technology and manufacturing at Intel, were featured speakers. Donna Uchida, global head of communications for Arysta Life Science, moderated their discussion.

Many large businesses have APA employee affinity groups to promote personal and professional development of Asian American employees through networking, sharing best practices and collaborating over common interests such as diversity and community.

Gloria So and Tze Chun Lee of Wells Fargo Bank, and Joyce Chan, PG&E retiree, launched the first San Francisco Bay Area corporate affinity group summit over a dinner meeting in 2003.

CAAEN began in 2004 by founding 13 affinity groups from the following companies: Chevron Texaco, City and County, AAA of Northern California, Nevada and Utah, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, IW Group, PG&E, Kaiser Permanente, LEAP, Lockheed Martin, SBC, Wells Fargo and General Electric.

The Asian Cultural Integration Employee Group of Intel Corporation hosted this year’s conference. The Intel affinity group’s goal is to expose business executives and employees to a technological environment.

“CAAEN clearly demonstrates that there is a multitude of growth opportunities within Corporate America. The group culls passion and inspiration, so that Asian Pacific Islander Americans like me can become better leaders and mentors,”

– Charmaine David, IW Group account manager

“The turnout at the event made the participants realize just how important it is to come together as a community. Together, all of these Asian Pacific American affinity groups are redefining the way we view our community and our standing within Corporate America.”

– Gloria So, Co-chair

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