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  • That Special Something

    That Special Something

    One of the ironies in life is finding out something wrong about the thing you love. In relationships, this epiphany is usually followed by either confrontation or denial.

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  • Remembering Two Icons: James Dean and Bruce Lee

    Remembering Two Icons: James Dean and Bruce Lee

    Fifty years ago this month, on September 30, 1955, James Dean died. Only 24 years old, Dean had just finished shooting George Stevens’ epic Giant and was speeding down Highway 46 between Los Angeles and San Francisco in “Little Bastard,” the name of his beloved […]

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  • Mike Honda:‘I Was Outraged’

    Mike Honda:‘I Was Outraged’

    Each day since Hurricane Katrina descended upon the Gulf Coast, Americans have viewed images of the devastation suffered by residents of the region, particularly those in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

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  • Letters to the Editor

    Letters to the Editor

    Jury of Our Peers? I appreciate your courage to write this (“A Jury of Our Peers?” Sep. 22) since none of the local papers in St. Paul or Wisconsin has addressed this issue of racism. Yet, they clearly depict Chai Soua Vang as Hmong.

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  • Time to Raise the Bar

    Time to Raise the Bar

    Two years ago, political novice and action film star Arnold Schwarzenegger toppled Gray Davis, the consummate insider and career politician as governor.

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  • The Vang Trial, John Roberts and Our Sorry Legal System

    The Vang Trial, John Roberts and Our Sorry Legal System

    Chai Soua Vang will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. John Roberts will likely spend the rest of his life as the reigning Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

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  • Not Just the ‘Filipina Celine Dion’

    Not Just the ‘Filipina Celine Dion’

    When Jenn Cuneta moved to the United States as a young girl, she never dreamed she would one day return to her native Philippines as a rising pop-music star with a song climbing the upper echelons of America’s music charts.

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  • Empowering Youth through Film

    Empowering Youth through Film

    For the first time, the DC APA Film Festival is offering a special venue for APA youth to show their short films during its Oct. 6-16 run. This community-based, youth-focused venue was designed to encourage and support the creative expressions of APA youth from the […]

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  • Anime Soundtrack Fusion

    Anime Soundtrack Fusion

    Any connoisseur of Japanese animation would confirm the incredible diversity of content in these animated creations.

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  • Bay Briefs

    Bay Briefs

    OCA Celebrates 17th with Judge, Studio Producer EVENT: OCA’s Achieve with Inspiration and Courage BACKGROUND: The Organization of Chinese Americans of San Mateo

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