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  • Daughter of Asian Pacific America

    Daughter of Asian Pacific America

    In Strangers from a Different Shore, Ronald Takaki writes: “There are no Asians in Asia, only people with national identities, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, and Filipino. But on this side of the Pacific, there are Asian Americans.”

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  • Try a Break in Routine

    Try a Break in Routine

    A certain comfort, or rather, peace of mind, comes with routine. From a cup of Earl Grey in the morning to Sunday nights with The Simpsons, we all have our “rituals” (and I use that word loosely), which give us happiness and satisfaction.

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  • Nation Briefs

    Nation Briefs

    Mother Wants Asian Upbringing for Daughter BELLEVUE, Wash. –– Joyce Shui says she will continue to fight to give her younger daughter a multicultural and multilingual

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  • Fans to Idols

    Fans to Idols

    In the ever-changing anime convention culture, where someone’s idea of entertainment may be hit-or-miss, Geneon Entertainment USA came upon a way to produce a celebrity out of the legions of anime fans when they started teaming up with Anime Expo in Southern

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    Inspired by The Wizard of Oz, Jeannie Barroga’s new play, BANYAN, is a modern Pilipino interpretation of the classic tale. BANYAN incorporates Pilipino fantasy and folklore into its story. Instead of using witches, BANYAN utilizes the Pilipino obsession with the much-

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  • A Korean American TV Invasion?

    A Korean American TV Invasion?

    It’s autumn, and that means the six TV networks are pulling out their new programs in the hopes of finding the next CSI or Desperate Housewives. The recurring theme this season seems to be the invasion of supernatural forces, in shows like Fathom and, yes,

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  • For D2S and The PACIFICS, It’s about Reality, not Bling

    For D2S and The PACIFICS, It’s about Reality, not Bling

    Very few people get to make a living out of what they are truly passionate about in life. In the rare instance that one does, the pay is often minimal. Actually, the real payoff is usually more like bragging rights. Just ask the crew behind […]

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  • Bush APA Panel’s Roadshow

    Bush APA Panel’s Roadshow

    OAKLAND, Calif. –– Completing an exhausting fact-finding tour of the country, the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) prepared for its final session last week at a pre-meeting cocktail reception in Oakland Chinatown.

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  • Assessing the Assessor Candidates

    Assessing the Assessor Candidates

    Appointed incumbent San Francisco Assessor Phil Ting, former Deputy Assessor Ron Chun and Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval debated at the League of Women Voters last week in their three-way race for the job to be decided Nov. 8, Election Day.

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  • After 94 Years, Cathay Club Plays No More

    After 94 Years, Cathay Club Plays No More

    Ending an era of bringing music to San Francisco Chinatown and much of the outside world, the Cathay Club will officially close its doors as one of the oldest existing clubs of Chinatown. William Lowe, Leo Mark, Bill Chin and Ray Lym represent the oldest […]

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