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  • Global Briefs

    Global Briefs

    Taiwan Legislature Turns into Brawl TAIPEI, Taiwan — Dozens of opposing lawmakers in Taiwan’s Legislature exchanged blows and attacked each other with signs and placards over two highly contentious bills.

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  • Nation Briefs

    Nation Briefs

    Former Justice Kobayashi Dies at 89 HONOLULU — Former state Supreme Court Associate Justice Bert T. Kobayashi Sr., who was noted for his ability to mediate labor disputes, died Oct.6. He was 89.

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  • AZN TV and NBA Score Slam Dunk

    AZN TV and NBA Score Slam Dunk

    Reflecting the growing interest in the National Basketball Association (NBA) among Asian Americans, AZN Television, the cable channel featuring programming for Asian Americans, and the NBA have entered into a historic partnership. The agreement gives AZN the rights to

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  • State Assembly Ups, Downs and What’s in Store

    State Assembly Ups, Downs and What’s in Store

    Editor’s Note: With the California Legislature adjourned and taking an election break, Maeley Tom sizes up Asian Pacific American legislators’ accomplishments, disappointments and goals for next year. The legislators and the governor will likely keep an eye on the outcome of

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  • Dig Jelly

    Dig Jelly

    The local band scene in Los Angeles is jumping with homegrown Asian American talent. One worth checking out is rap-rock group Dig Jelly, who’ll be hitting Slims in San Francisco on November 16 and the Key Club in Los Angeles on November 18. Recently, they […]

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  • Not Turning the Other Cheech

    Not Turning the Other Cheech

    CHEECH NO CHONG Tommy Chong is using his joint to burn bridges. The 67-year-old star of A/k/a Tommy Chong lashed out at former comedy partner Richard “Cheech” Marin, accusing him of being a ?professional Mexican? and

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  • Letters to the Editor

    Letters to the Editor

    Vang — Hero or Murderer? Chai Vang (“A Victim of Circumstance and Racism,” Sep. 29) should be hailed an Asian American hero who dared to risk his own life to stop the deep-seated racism of the American culture toward Asian Americans. I

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  • Hypocrisy, Democracy in ‘06 and Beyond

    Hypocrisy, Democracy in ‘06 and Beyond

    Our country continues to struggle with Democracy 1.0, the best political system that was available in the 18th century. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the world has moved on to Democracy 2.0 and beyond, with proportional representation, instant runoff voting and other

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  • The World’s Currency of Choice

    The World’s Currency of Choice

    SAN FRANCISCO –– With the U.S. budget and trade deficit looming, what currency would be considered the safest currency to invest in if the dollar took a sharp dive? Today the answer would be “none.” But what would come closest is the Chinese yuan, also […]

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  • Honor, Service, Courage and Duty

    Honor, Service, Courage and Duty

    Honor, Service, Courage and Duty These are core values that drive the Asian American community. They have been important building blocks for us, and are the foundation from which we have made so many contributions to

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