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  • Election Endorsements

    Election Endorsements

    SAN FRANCISCO CANDIDATES Phil Ting for Assessor-Recorder: Ting was appointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom at a time when Asian Pacific American civil service workers in his demoralized department needed a

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  • Flying Stealth Under the National Radar

    Flying Stealth Under the National Radar

    Last week, a top White House official was indicted, a Supreme Court nominee withdrew her name from consideration and a civil rights icon became the first woman to lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda. All this was noted in the media, but none mentioned […]

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  • It’s Like Butter

    It’s Like Butter

    I’ve been having a bad case of the munchies this week. Standing in the glow of my refrigerator’s light, my options are limited to milk, yogurt, brussels sprouts and string cheese. All great choices for healthy snacks, and there hiding in the shelf of my […]

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  • New and Notable

    New and Notable

    FICTION Imaginary Men By Anjali Banerjee (Downtown Press / Simon & Schuster) When Lina is bombarded by relatives who want to marry her off at her sister’s Indian wedding, she unthinkingly wards off the well-wishers by making up the perfect

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  • APAs Must Vote No

    APAs Must Vote No

    We are in a battle for the future of California. With this special election, this governor has forced a showdown with the people of California. He’s targeting teachers with Proposition 74.

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  • Sitting with Rosa Parks’ Legacy

    Sitting with Rosa Parks’ Legacy

    Rosa Parks was laid to rest this week in Detroit, Mich., after a funereal whirlwind that saw her lie in state, first in Montgomery, Ala., then in Washington, D.C. Last Sunday and Monday, Parks’ closed casket was placed for public display in the Capitol. She […]

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  • First-hand View of Katrina Recovery

    First-hand View of Katrina Recovery

    Two weeks ago, I traveled to the Gulf Coast to consult with FEMA officials, conduct a series of community and site visits throughout the region, and assess damage from Hurricane Katrina. I was concerned by reports that language difficulties and lack of culturally

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  • Nation Briefs

    Nation Briefs

    Hmong Traditions Help Teach Farm Safety ST. PAUL, Minn. — A storybook with illustrations designed to teach farm safety to Hmong children in a culturally appropriate manner has

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  • Vote Yes on Props. 74-77

    Vote Yes on Props. 74-77

    California voters spoke up loud and clear in 2003 by electing a new governor to make changes for the better. In this November’s special election, Governor Schwarzenegger has taken his reform agenda to the California voters –– to give the power back to the

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  • Asian Commerce

    Asian Commerce

    Jamison Hits Milestone David Lee of Jamison Properties closed a deal this month to buy three office buildings in the Airport Center complex near Los Angeles International Airport for $70 million.

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