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  • The Pusan Experience

    The Pusan Experience

    My first trip back to Korea since I was 14, and my first-ever attending the Annual Pusan International Film Festival was amazing and eye-opening in many ways. When I had last visited Korea as a teen, I felt extremely out of place as an "American." […]

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  • VietAm Votes May Swing S.J. Election

    VietAm Votes May Swing S.J. Election

    Ten days before the runoff election for mayor in San Jose, between Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez and Councilmember Chuck Reed, both registered democrats, the race is too close to call. The candidates are within two percentage points of one another, a statistical dead heat. In […]

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  • Hundreds Support Fang’s Re-election

    Hundreds Support Fang’s Re-election

    Approximately 200 people came out to the Far East Restaurant on Oct. 25, in support of BART Director and AsianWeek President James Fang’s re-election campaign. He is running for his fifth consecutive four-year term. “BART is one of the best transit systems in the world, […]

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  • Shinobi: Heart Under Sword

    Shinobi: Heart Under Sword

    I was in love with this movie within the first minute of watching it, and every minute after that only got better and better. The story in Shinobi is based on the legendary ninja clans of Iga and Koga, and was made for ninja-lore enthusiasts […]

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  • Josh Keeps His Pants On

    Josh Keeps His Pants On

    KATE BITES MORE THAN JUST NECKS When she’s not sucking blood, Underworld vampire princess Kate Beckinsale and Underworld director/hubby Len Wiseman, enjoy animal-style cheeseburgers at In ‘n Out. In fact, the alluring British/Burmese actress celebrated her 33rd birthday there! Unfortunately, Paris Hilton wasn’t invited to […]

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  • Letters to the Editor

    Letters to the Editor

    Selling-Out Asians The latest development about Susan Ralston ("Powerful Assistant Not Without Controversy," Oct. 13) proves an Asian American rising up in the political or government arena, forgets one’s roots, forsakes one’s cultural and "community" and indeed takes on the resemblance and conduct of the […]

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  • Low Gets High Grade

    Low Gets High Grade

    Evan Low, running for Campbell City Council, received the only endorsement and highest grade (A+) given by the Silicon Valley chapter of the National Advancement of Colored Peoples (NAACP). The A+ grade demonstrates a superior commitment to underrepresented communities. In the NAACP’s grading process, candidates […]

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  • Bay Briefs

    Bay Briefs

    Survival of J-A Newspapers EVENT: A panel program about the past, present and future of three Northern California Japanese American newspapers

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  • Global Briefs

    Global Briefs

    Thailand’s Matchmaking Business Booms BANGKOK, Thailand — Once a fringe industry, Thailand’s matchmaking business has gotten a boost from the Internet and booming tourism. Every year, thousands of men from Australia to Pakistan to the U.S., marry Thai women, which has spurred a surge in […]

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  • Nation Briefs

    Nation Briefs

    Sri Lankan Fisherman Awaiting Asylum LOS ANGELES — For nearly one and a half years, a Sri Lankan fisherman has waited in a federal detention center in New Jersey. He is accused of giving a terrorist group in his homeland about $500 and denied asylum. […]

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