Proof That Whites Inherently Hate Us

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[Ed note, this is the work of controversial and mostly regrettable Kevin Eng] – a link is here

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  1. khannie

    I think whites feel inferior, that’s why they call everyone else the “minority”. Whites hate anyone who doesn’t look like them. I guess Rosa Parks received a lot of attention during the 1960′s because blacks were blatantly being denied rights, yet in history class, I hear nothing of the Asian struggle. Thank you for bringing that to my attention, for you have expanded my consciousness.

    I am African-American and we get racist remarks just as bad as Asians do, but it’s only when a public figure who exploits us, like Rev Jesse Jackson whines that it get attention. People are only “sorry” for racist remarks when they get caught. Historically, Asians and blacks have done NOTHING to whites in America, yet whites have a terrible history of destroying Native Americans, blacks during the 1800s, and Asians during the Gold Rush and people still hold them on a pedestal.

    I agree with you for the most part. Anyone who is NOT white is a threat to whites, so they dehumanize every race. The media tells everyone to act “white” and look “white” and it’s sad. They have to portray other races in the media as negative so they can reign on top. It’s sickening. Blacks and Asians lighten their skin, blacks straighten their hair, yet whites darken their skin to look more ethnic. I cannot look up to Beyonce or Tyra, for they are blonde and have fixed their noses.

    You’re right, “More importantly, why should we care? We vastly outnumber them. When you have a disobedient child, you do not give him gifts to make him abide to your will. You show him the cane.” We show them the switch as well

    Ethnic groups have nothing given to them like whites. We have to fight a system of injustice such as Affirmative action which propels racism. Whites, for the most part have no discipline or work ethic and all they know is to steal, cheat, and lie and they STILL get rewarded for failure, i.e. bailouts.

    Whites dehumanize races because of fear. They know that if each group united within itself or with other races, whites would be f***ed. i.e. LA Riots 1991.

    Remember not to let ignorance get to you. Most people receive their reality from the television, when it’s a false construction. All minorities are in the same sh***y pie hole together and need to unite.


    • emily

      i’m sorry but this is such shit.
      There is racism in EVERY culture, though I have heard that Japan and Korea are the worst. just to clear things up-
      1. white people do not care if someone makes a remark about a black person, in all honesty, they are bound to laugh and vice versa.
      2. white people may make racist comments. But don’t group us. it all depends on where you are and how the individual was raised. Around here there are many interracial relationships between whites and asians. I am one of them. On my trip to Korea, not only would people make rude comments, but they would also deny me services, call me names, and call me inferior.
      3. that was the judges call. don’t condemn the entire white culture for that shit. Just last year in Korea several caucasians were arrested for drinking at a bar and getting a little bit crazy- when right across the street there were some koreans doing the same thing.
      4. Mr. Chin killed 6 people. That is a bit worse- though I do agree that the two people who killed the Asian man should have gone to jail.
      5. many good people have been overlooked. that is simply not about race.

      personally- i think you two are just one-sided whiney bitches who don’t realize that the same shit happens to everyone. Some asians are racist, some caucasians are racist, as well as blacks, Hispanics, and so on. But you shouldn’t stereotype an entire race for the little bit of racism that you have seen.

      btw- you two are looking like the racist assholes, not us.

      • thisguy

        There is a difference between racism in America vs. racism in the rest of the world. I am sorry for the racism that you experienced in Korea but please understand that Korea was not built upon the same history of diversity and racial tension as America. America is a melting pot of many races, including blacks, hispanics and asians, while Korea is pretty much uniformly Korean.
        You say that Japan and Korea are “the worst to clear things up.” If you feel that way, I’m sure you have your reasons. But when you think of Asians in America, a nation that prides itself for diversity, freedom, and equality…do you honestly see these principles applied equally to Asians, or other non-white races? You probably do not know the answer to this question as you’ve probably never experienced the day to day degradation and humiliation we minorities experience.

  2. THE MAN, hehehe

    We don’t hate you, so get over yourself. Truthfully we don’t study you. Sure, we eat your food and bang your women, but we do that to everybody, you should take it as a complement. IF YOU TREAT US WELL, YOU WILL FIND IT RECIPROCATED.

  3. Frank Eng

    Kenneth Eng lives!
    Almost three years and two “comments” later, one of his other “guest” columns surfaces “today,” with predictable responses, ideally and forcefully in diametric “opposition.:
    The “facts” likely are that the original article AND both comments reflect far too many “truths,” the while they also reveal the futility of generalization vis-a-vis specifics.
    As this nation, under an arguably “black” President, continues its bloody march into the history books globally, it also appears to be matching that effort right here “at home” with the ongoing comedy of “healthcare reform” for its own citizens.
    And here, race has nothing to do with it.
    It’s purely the corporate oligarchies vs. 99.9 per centum of the populace at large and at idiocy.
    “Kahnnie” scores a major point’, but the “hehehe” MAN reveals himself to be just one more underendowed juvey jackanapes.
    As for Kenneth, he scores points as well, but misses his marks.

  4. Lucky

    +1 to what Emily here stated. These hypocritical self-declared “Asian Supremacist” commentators haven’t a clue as to just how pathetic they sound. They seem to think of themselves as the ultimate victims in society, based on the infantile logic-devoid rants that I have been reading in these articles & comment sections as well as on various cookie-cutter “Hate whitey” Asian forums like Model Minority and Asia Finest. They can’t seem to cease from whining like a bunch of snivelling and insecure little snot-nosed brats. And they wonder why they are so very lonely …

    • thisguy

      Your username alone defines white america in america…you guys are “Lucky.” Your statement above could have been stated word for word by slave drivers in the 1800s dismissing crys for equality by minority races. Your “Luck” has made you so comfortable in your seat of power you refer to other races as infantile “snot nosed brats.”

      If you are wondering why Asians are so “lonely” consider the possibility that the reason may be because asians and other minorities, even those born in America, are deemed outcasts for the way we look, for the way we were born.

      This isn’t hating “whitey” in the fashion of how whites used to lynch and murder non- whites in the past….this is just an expression of America racism in history.

    • White Bread

      Whoa calm down dragon lucky lady… pot meet kettle, eh? Look who is whining and ranting now. Take some xanax and go fetch me a beer and while you’re at it, make me a cheeseburger or two.

  5. Joseph

    Wow, a nazi comment:

    You are our only equal, kamerad! 卍AXIS EMPIRE卍

  6. dan

    whites are savages themselves, as u know from historty.they want to eliminate every other race so that only their race can rule the world while keeping some slaves from other races. unie and put up good fight.

  7. ThisIsFunny

    As a minority who doesn’t feel the insane amount of racism claimed, I’ll have to approach this as the “devil’s advocate.” The funniest thing I saw in this article is calling us minorities because they feel inferior. Whites in America call other races minorities because…they are the majority! It is a matter of stating fact and saying peoples who aren’t of the majority. Do I think things are equal? Absolutely not! But it’s not an inferiority complex that drives them imo. Stereotyping is not racism. Stereotyping is generalizing attributes in order to contemplate quicker. It’s an evolutionary tool of judgement, ie: all dogs are too fast to outrun, elephants will rush and crush me. Most dogs are too fast to outrun, but not a bulldog. Most wild elephants will charge and crush you, but a large percentage won’t if not fearing for their lives. Most Asians are good at math, most blacks are naturally athletic, and most whites are average but entitled. The exception does not disprove the rule. Unless you have seen different numbers than me, at the last census non-hispanic whites still made up at least 60% of America. So we don’t outnumber them even together, and the largest portion of gun owners are white. So showing them the “cane” sounds like a horrible idea. Plus we’d all end up with more jail time. Khannie, you are ignorant and made me lose brain cells reading your spewing. I can attest to the Korean-Japanese racism and supremacy. As a Korean-American I was astonished at how my white and black friends were treated and especially talked about in Korea. When I was teaching English in Korea, even the children would make racist remarks about how stupid, lazy, and ugly blacks were. Koreans wanted to emulate the white skin and capitalism of whites, but hate them for what they still feel is inferiority to Asian/Korean culture and perceived neo-imperialism. I love my heritage and the fact that I am Asian-American, but the land of my fathers could use as much help as the “land of the free.” Denounce racism in all of its forms and stop taking stereotypes to heart! You will live longer, and in the end all that matters is love and life of the HUMAN race! We are all one! Peace and love to all.

  8. George

    I do not know about what most people are talking about here. Suffice it to say most white girls and women will hold their noses and throw up if an Asian guy asks any of them for a date or even get together for a cup of coffee….in the US South they will get the Asian guy beaten up too!

  9. Lily

    Honestly, the tension is felt whenever I walk into a classroom full of white people and I am the only Asian. I get looks and none of them seem to want to associate with me. It really hurts at the start, you feel lonely and like a nobody..sadly, it is inevitable living in a white society, but I grew out of it. Although, I do know a few white people who seem to not care what you look like, they accept you for who you are and make you feel like you actually exist. Well, in the end, we all share a common destiny, that is to return to the dust. So essentially, there is no point in people thinking they are something “greater” than someone else, you know, it isn’t just racism, it’s also pride, jealously, selfishness, etc that causes all this pain in this world. If only it wasn’t like this, there would finally be real peace. Unfortunately, at this rate, it won’t ever happen.

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