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  • Newsom’s Priority for Hydra Mendoza

    Newsom’s Priority for Hydra Mendoza

    Could there be a Los Angeles-San Francisco “education” gubernatorial democratic contest in 2010? Mayor Gavin Newsom’s “first priority” in this November’s voting is to elect his education adviser Hydra Mendoza to the school board, according to Newsom chief strategist Eric Jaye last week. The ex-S.F. […]

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  • Know the Reel ‘Tokyo Rose’

    Know the Reel ‘Tokyo Rose’

    Anyone who says the stereotypical portrayals of Asians in American movies has little impact on the culture at-large needs only to look at the 1946 film Tokyo Rose. At the time, it helped shape the false image of Iva Toguri, aka Tokyo Rose, as a […]

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