I’m Afraid and Feel Helpless

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Although Kenneth Eng’s article, “Why I Hate Blacks” in the Feb 23rd issue of AsianWeek was fearlessly confrontational, I believe it should have been titled, “I’m afraid and feel helpless, but if I think I’m invincible, I won’t be vulnerable!”

Eng’s behavior was no different than a pit bull that tucks his tail between his legs, bares his teeth and starts snapping at anything that moves. Like anger, greed or selfishness, hate is just an expression of fear. Let’s not get angry and turn one person’s psychological issue into a race war!

The Associated Press recently reported that college kids today are more narcissistic than before. I’m not a psychologist, but I believe Kenneth Eng’s label, “God of the Universe,” spells narcissism with a capital “N!” Narcissism is more than looking in the mirror and saying, “I’m beautiful!” It’s more like, “Don’t tell me what to do, I’m perfect, I’m God!” When narcissists shut down their emotions, they’re incapable of feeling either fear or love. Because everyone is a threat, they’re aggressive, dominating and manipulative.

Most adults today, let alone teens, lack the ability or resources to cope with the terrifying situation our politicians have gotten us into. By masterminding a so-called war on terror, capitalistic oligarchs have paralyzed the nation with a fear of everyone and everything, while their insatiable greed and selfishness have brought us to the verge of bankruptcy, total anarchy and environmental collapse!

When a 13-to-18-year-old male has no family or mentor to help him comprehend the situation, nor any job skills for financial support, what is he to do? Join a gang for peer support! Children who have no self-respect tend to disrespect their communities as teens. Lacking wise mentors, many young people today are resorting to self-destructive behavior and dragging entire neighborhoods down with them.

If parents and children don’t work or go to school where they live, how can their communities be maintained? Why are students commuting across the city in a gas-consumptive civil rights experiment — a “grass is greener on the other side” mandate?

Public schools today lack focus: Children can’t read because “grammar” schools have been replaced by “primary” schools. High schools throughout California have eliminated the most costly and most valuable courses — vocational education. Instead of graduating students who are job-ready, the new goal is to make them college-ready. In other words, they’re deferring true learning until students pay for the education themselves!

Our government officials are creating arcane tax and funding formulas no one can understand, playing shell games with our tax money (i.e., “borrowing” it for unintended purposes), and paying for essential services by issuing bonds — credit cards! When these bonds become due, how will we repay them with interest when our youth have no education or job skills? Attract highly skilled foreign guest-workers? But what if we consider immigrants as threats?

When over a trillion dollars has been expended for Homeland Security, but an average Bay Area home is unaffordable at near $1 million, are we safer today?

Broken families, broken communities, broken schools and broken lives! No education, no jobs, no money, no home and no hope! Is it any wonder young people today are emotionally paralyzed?

Young people are screaming for attention any way they can, and they’re being ignored, so they scream even louder until they are heard! Meanwhile, seniors are vegetating in senior centers playing worthless Bingo games, oblivious to the world. We’ve lost our social connection. Seniors should be mentoring kids instead!

Over 50 percent of children in America are from broken or nonexistent families. Perhaps we could create activity/education/job/mentoring centers where all people can express their fears without retaliation — formerly called schools! Psychiatric drugs are short-term fixes. The solution is vocational training like carpentry to release pent-up energies, build careers and communities. True security is education!

Jeffrey Tong is a former San Mateo Board of Education candidate. He is founder of Feng Shui Properties in San Bruno. Contact him at (650) 872-8697, or write to him at P.O. Box 1251, San Bruno, CA.

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