Maggie Q Likes it Rough

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Sequel Rumors at ‘Colma’ AfterParty

Colma stars H.P. Mendoza andL.A. Renigen partied with director Richard Wong and the Center for Asian American Media at Swig, after the San Francisco premiere last Friday. AsianWeek sponsored the film in its 2006 debut at the Asian American Film Festival. “The party is awesome,” Renigen told me. “But it was completely sold out. Even my mom couldn’t get a ticket!” Talks of a sequel based on Serramonte have already begun.

Maggie Q likes to play dirty

“I hate it when girls fight, and they look too pretty or too smooth,” the Die Hard 4 star told BANG showbiz. Good thing director Len Wiseman (Kate Beckinsale’s hubby) stepped in to grind her up. Even costar Bruce Willis was stunned by Maggie’s hardcore attitude: “I hit her with a light switch. I give her my best left hook, and she gets up, and I’m like, damn this girl is rough!” Fellas, watch out!

‘Heroes’ adds Tokyo pop star to lineup

Pop star Eriko Tamura and Alias’s David Anders will be joining Masi Oka’s mysterious quest on the hit NBC show. Tamura will be playing a Japanese princess, while Anders models ancient samurai armor as Oka’s childhood hero Takezo Kensei. Will Tamura be prepared for her first USA love scene? And will it be Oka’s stroke of luck to get both the girl and Takezo’s sword?

Tiger cub welcomed on the green

Tiger Woods made it to second place on both the Forbes list and the U.S. Open last Monday, but 24 hours later, he welcomed his number one: daughter Sam Alexis Woods. His wife, Elin Nordgren (a former nanny and model), rested peacefully while Tiger relished fatherhood. “I just wish my father could be around to share the experience,” he said in December.

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