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  • Lifetime Adventure

    Lifetime Adventure

    HSCDC and CCCC students at Oct 2 reception in Washington attended by 80 parents, community leaders and friends. Photo credit – HSCDC In 1971, when I was 14, my family sent me to Japan to participate in the 13th Boy Scout World Jamboree. Before the […]

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  • ‘Desperate’ Apologies

    ‘Desperate’ Apologies

    When Teri Hatcher’s character in Desperate Housewives flippantly declared in the Sept. 30 season premiere of the hit ABC TV show that all physicians who receive their diplomas from “some med school in the Philippines” should be viewed as quacks, the remarks exposed not just […]

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  • Global Briefs

    Global Briefs

    Cell Phones Act as E-Wallets in Philippines SAN MIGUEL, Philippines — More than 5.5 million Filipinos now use their cell phones as virtual wallets, making the Philippines a leader among developing nations in providing financial transactions over mobile networks. Mobile banking services, which are also […]

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