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  • ‘Officer Tsukamoto': Documenting A Cold Case

    ‘Officer Tsukamoto': Documenting A Cold Case

    I first read about Ron Tsukamoto during the summer of 2005, when a San Francisco Chronicle headline grabbed my attention: “1970 Killing Still Haunts Berkeley.” The murder of police Officer Tsukamoto had taken place just blocks from U.C. Berkeley, where I was attending graduate school. […]

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  • Extracting Justice From ABC

    Extracting Justice From ABC

    My offer still stands: I’m ready to give Teri Hatcher a public-sensitivity training. All they have to do is cast me in ABC’s Desperate Housewives. A desperate houseboy amok on Wisteria Lane (not some mock amok like that Stephen Colbert) could do some real damage.

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  • Cal-Asia to Honor Sybase CEO With Silk Road Award

    Cal-Asia to Honor Sybase CEO With Silk Road Award

    SAN FRANCISCO — Sybase’s John S. Chen of the East Bay will be honored with the California-Asia Business Council’s 2007 New Silk Road Award for his “outstanding contributions to business ties with Asia” on Oct. 26. “[My] background has allowed me to view issues related […]

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  • Asian American Geniuses

    Asian American Geniuses

    Among the 24 recently announced 2007 MacArthur fellows, we are proud to see a number of Asian Americans, in fields as disparate as dance, chemistry, spider silk biology and neurorobotics (involving the central nervous system and robot technology!). The fellowships, known colloquially as the “genius […]

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