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  • Is Hollywood Giving Asian Men More Love?

    Is Hollywood Giving Asian Men More Love?

    I caught the second episode of NBC’s revamped The Bionic Woman on Wednesday night, and Korean American actor Will Yun Lee plays Jae Kim, one bad ass mofo. He gets to kick ass, has an interesting back-story, is clearly an American character so no accent […]

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  • Letters to the Editor

    Letters to the Editor

    A New Way to Support the Troops I don’t see how, with the exception of John Yoo, any APAs had the ear of the White House, particularly when the White House and Pentagon chose to basically dismiss Generals Eric Shinseki and Antonio Taguba, while pursuing […]

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  • California Portsmouth Square Association Celebration Dinner

    California Portsmouth Square Association Celebration Dinner

    From left: Association director Elaine Chiu; Florence Kong, vice president; Assemblywoman Fiona Ma; Kim Liu Li, president; Wen Chen, treasurer; Pak Bing Wu, director; and Hok Por Yu, secretary. Photo by James Lam. SAN FRANCISCO — More than 300 guests turned out for the California […]

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  • Not Just a Pretty Face

    Not Just a Pretty Face

    Opium was a feel-good product — foisted on the Chinese public in the 19th century by British multinational corporations — that ultimately had a deleterious effect on public health. While multinational cosmetic companies and other multinationals are no longer beholden to just one nation, like […]

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  • Calif. G.O.P.’s Dirty Tricks

    Calif. G.O.P.’s Dirty Tricks

    Asian Domestic Violence Spotlighted at the State Capitol: The Assembly Special Committee on Domestic Violence held an Oct. 2 hearing with Committee Chairwoman Fiona Ma, whose campaign against domestic violence began when she was a San Francisco County supervisor. Featured speakers included actress, author and […]

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  • Global Briefs

    Global Briefs

    Hooters Opens in China BEIJING — With the recent opening of its 435th branch in Beijing, Hooters is now being touted as a barometer for globalization. With the 2008 Summer Olympic Games just 11 months away, Beijing has set about sprucing itself up for the […]

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