The Asian American Experience Project Part 1

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The International Examiner staff talk about their Asian American Experience.

The questions were developed from videos created by the Asia Society, Columbia University and a MySpacer called “Uly”.

The first four questions are answered in this segment:

1) What is your name and heritage? (Who are you?)
2) Where were you born?
3) Talk about growing up in America.
4) What languages do you speak?
5) What food do you like to eat?
6) Do you belong to an Asian American Club or organization?
7) How do you identify yourself in terms of your culture?
8) What is your definition of an Asian American?
10) Image of Asian Americans?
11) What are the challenges of being Asian Americans?
12) Segregate yourselves?
13) Are Asian Americans political?
14) Do you vote?
15) Say good-by in your native tongue

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