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  • City College: Chinese American or Pan-APA Victory?

    City College: Chinese American or Pan-APA Victory?

    The Friends of Educational Opportunities in Chinatown’s victorious campaign for a community college campus affirmed CAA’s split identity as more “Chinese for Affirmative Action” than the “Center for Asian American Advocacy.” The latter name was the compromise out of a divisive debate a few years […]

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  • Wedding of the Century

    Wedding of the Century

    An unforgettable week of festive activities preceding a grand wedding was more than your society columnist could resist. So, off she flew, across two continents, to witness a beautiful international wedding that could only be described as the wedding of the year or, perhaps, the […]

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  • Immigration and Political Grandstanding

    Immigration and Political Grandstanding

    In what could be a preview of politics in the 2008 presidential campaign, voters in Virginia are being bombarded with negative advertising that includes anti-immigrant bashing in the run-up to the state’s November 6 elections. Based on the low national popularity ratings of the Bush […]

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