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  • VHS or Beta

    VHS or Beta

    Post-punk, electroclash, dance punk, new wave, no wave — call it what you will: VHS or Beta front man Craig Pfunder just wants to see you dance at his shows. As vocalist and founding member of the Louisville, Kentucky, indie rock band, Pfunder is a […]

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  • Nice Guys Finish Last

    Nice Guys Finish Last

    Anthony Bourdain, chef and host of The Travel Channel’s No Reservations, thinks San Francisco is crazy for thinking that nice guys make good chefs. “I was never about Casey!” Bourdain told me at Stacey’s Books on Nov. 19. “It was always all about Hung [Huynh, […]

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  • Calendar: 11/30/07

    Calendar: 11/30/07

    ‘Turning 60 Images of India and Pakistan’ EVENT: Presented by the San Francisco Public Library DESCRIPTION: A photo exhibition by Barbara VanderBorght and Tracy Benshoof (India), and Moazzam Sheikh (Pakistan). DETAILS: Free, through Dec. 31, Main Library, Café Exhibition Case, 100 Larkin St., San Francisco. […]

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  • Who’s Hot:11/30/07

    Who’s Hot:11/30/07

    Friday, November 30 Meet Market Fridays by Tribeca and Beyond Entertainment Details: Horizon Restaurant and Lounge, 498 Broadway Street, San Francisco, 10pm – 2am, 21+ Music: Hip-hop ‘Undoing’ movie San Francisco Afterparty Details: O Izakaya lounge in Hotel Kabuki, 1625 Post St, San Francisco […]

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  • MySpace or MyDisgrace?

    MySpace or MyDisgrace?

    AsianWeek is proud to debut its weekly advice column, AskQ. Check here every week to see Q’s answers to your life, love, work and family questions — Q’s got you covered. ………………….. Dear Q, I’m a recruiter, and I go to many career fairs to […]

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  • The Good AIDS News

    The Good AIDS News

    The good news is that UNAIDS, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, says there’s less AIDS in the world than they thought: 33 million infected worldwide compared to last year’s 40 million. The bad news is that critics were right to say that one […]

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  • Supreme Court Must Strike Down Discriminatory Voter ID Law

    Supreme Court Must Strike Down Discriminatory Voter ID Law

    Imagine going to vote and having poll workers ask you to present your naturalization certificate. They say it’s required under state law, but no other voters are required to show their certificates. This happened to one voter in Flushing, New York. It’s often because of […]

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  • Letters to the Editor: Nov. 30 – Dec. 6, 2007

    Letters to the Editor: Nov. 30 – Dec. 6, 2007

    Hypocrisy by The Numbers I was taken aback by Dr. George Koo’s calling American criticism of Chinese human rights abuses “hypocrisy” (“Yahoo Takes Hit Meant for China,” Voices From the Community, Nov. 23). By any objective measure, China’s human rights record is much worse than […]

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  • Qs for Q

    Qs for Q

    Qs for Q Dear Q, I have all these questions about life, love, work, family — but every time I read advice columns, it is from a white person’s point of view, which just doesn’t help me at all. Sometimes, I can’t just talk to […]

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  • Letters to the Editor: Nov 23-29, 2007

    Letters to the Editor: Nov 23-29, 2007

    Setting the Record Straight I notice this account of the Renato Hughes case omits the fact the homeowner’s son was beaten with a baseball bat during the robbery, causing brain damage (“Uncommon Injustice,” Rodel Rodis, Nov. 9). The son lives in a rehabilitation center and […]

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