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  • Dream Big: Take a Bigger Slice of the Procurement Pie

    Dream Big: Take a Bigger Slice of the Procurement Pie

    Most entrepreneurs work hard and dream big. Others are content with doing business with small local companies, rather than aim for contracts with large corporations and federal and state governments. If you want your business to take a bigger slice of the procurement pie, then […]

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  • Commerce Briefs

    Commerce Briefs

    Small Business and Veterans Business Awards WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Department of General Services presented awards to 12 state agencies and four state employees on Oct. 25 for their outstanding work toward increasing the amount of purchasing and contracting with California small businesses and […]

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  • Elections To Watch

    Elections To Watch

    OVER-UNDER: Mayor Gavin Newsom is the favorite to win against a colorful field of 12, including opera singer Wilma Pang, a taxi driver named Grasshopper (Alec Kaplan), a showman named “Chicken John” (John Rinaldi), nudist George Davis and titular progressive nominee Quintin Mecke.

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  • ‘300,’ ‘Letters From Iwo Jima’

    ‘300,’ ‘Letters From Iwo Jima’

    Clint Eastwood directed Letters From Iwo Jima as a companion to Flags of Our Fathers from the point of view of the losers. It won oodles of awards and wonderful reviews, but didn’t sell that many tickets. 300 is an over-the-top adaptation of a graphic […]

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