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  • Santa Clara County Honors Its Asian American Heroes

    Santa Clara County Honors Its Asian American Heroes

    2007 Asian American heroes of Santa Clara County (from left): District 5 Supervisor Liz Kniss, Hema Alur-Kundargi, Sit Piu Fung, Dr. Lawrence Kwan, Nabuko Saito Cleary, Sumbul Ali-Karamali, Samreth Nuon, Michele Lew and Dan Kikuchi, during the Nov. 2 awards ceremony at the Quinlan Community […]

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  • Uncommon Injustice

    Uncommon Injustice

    Dr. Noel Chua and Renato Hughes, currently languishing in prison cells in Camden County, Ga., and Lake County, Calif., share an uncommon misfortune. Both Filipino Americans were charged with murder under a seldom-used legal doctrine dating back to common law rule in 12th century England. […]

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  • A Little Birdie Told Me

    A Little Birdie Told Me

    Nineteen-year-old Souphak “Birdie” Xaphakdy is a Laotian American teen with big dreams. No matter the odds against her, this songstress (whose name is pronounced “Sue-pock Sah-pock-dee”) wants to become America’s next pop idol. Her album, Underground Pop: Xposed, was recently released by Blood in the […]

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  • No More Tequila

    No More Tequila

    HAPPY BDAY TILA: YOU’RE FIRED! Everyone’s favorite MySpace tramp-vamp, Tila Tequila (née Nguyen), turned 26 on Oct. 24, and although she’s got 1,771,920 MySpace friends, she must have forgotten to invite her top eight to her stripperiffic birthday blowout at Las Vegas’ club LAX. A […]

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