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  • Commerce Briefs: 12/07/07

    Commerce Briefs: 12/07/07

    John M. Lee Elected CFO of S.F. Realtors John M. Lee of Pacific Union Real Estate has been elected chief financial officer for the San Francisco Association of Realtors for 2008. Lee, in the past few years, has been actively serving the SFAR on its […]

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  • AskQ


    Dear Q, I work in a small office where most of us are Asian American and under 30. Sometimes we’ll socialize after hours with drinks or go to a nightclub. One girl who is quite conscientious at work can be a real partier at night. […]

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  • Saving Fong, Hiring Chow

    Saving Fong, Hiring Chow

    SAVE HEATHER CAMPAIGN: After the Nov. 6 election, Police Commissioner Yvonne Lee and a coalition urged newly re-elected Mayor Gavin Newsom to retain Police Chief Heather Fong. Like most mayoral appointees at the mayor’s order, Fong submitted her resignation, which leaves it up to Newsom […]

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  • Think for Yourself

    Think for Yourself

    There are only a few weeks left until the mostly rural white people of Iowa and New Hampshire kick off our quadrennial exercise in broken democracy at the Iowa caucuses (Jan. 3) and New Hampshire primary (Jan. 8). Despite many efforts to rotate the opening […]

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  • Let’s Help Smokers Quit

    Let’s Help Smokers Quit

    When it comes to smoking, we have all seen the disturbing facts and figures. One in three cancers is attributable to tobacco. Tobacco kills one in five Americans and is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in California. In one year alone, smoking […]

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  • Hawai‘i: Perfect And Imperfect

    Hawai‘i: Perfect And Imperfect

    Say “Rainbow Warrior” in San Francisco and people might think you’re talking about some diversity activist with a sentimental hankering for Jesse Jackson. But football fans know there’s only one kind of Rainbow Warrior worth talking about, and folks from Hawai‘i certainly know “dakine.”

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