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  • Chiang Headlines Asian American Investment Forum

    Chiang Headlines Asian American Investment Forum

    SAN FRANCISCO — Investment managers gathered for the Association of Asian American Investment Managers’ Capital West Forum on Dec. 4 at the Ritz Carlton. California State Controller John Chiang, one of the highest-ranking Asian American officials in the United States, addressed the audience, stressing the […]

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  • Bindlestiff Studio’s Bindleball

    Bindlestiff Studio’s Bindleball

    Fund-raiser honors community leaders and partners SAN FRANCISCO — A formal cocktail party may seem incongruous with the down-to-earth, theater-for-the-masses image of Filipino American performing arts group Bindlestiff Studio. But if done for a worthy cause — such as helping the organization move back to […]

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  • Russell Wong: Huge … Ego

    Russell Wong: Huge … Ego

    Julia Ling, Secret Nerd “Sorry I’m late!” Julia Ling, of NBC’s ER and Studio 60, shouted to audience members at the premiere of Chris Chan Lee’s sophomore effort, Undoing, at the Sundance Kabuki Theatre in San Francisco’s Japantown. Ling had just gotten off her flight […]

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  • Talking Shop: ‘BlAsian Exchanges’

    Talking Shop: ‘BlAsian Exchanges’

    BlAsian Exchanges is first-time author Sam Cacas’ recently released novel, which explores interracial relationships between black women and Asian men (termed by the portmanteau “BlAsian”). Cacas, 52, a former AsianWeek writer who moderates a discussion group focusing on black women and Asian men, tells the […]

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  • Ethnic Newspapers Sponsor Race Relations Poll

    Ethnic Newspapers Sponsor Race Relations Poll

    New America Media, the country’s first and largest national collaboration of ethnic news organizations, will release next week the results of the first-ever multilingual poll of America’s three major minority groups and the state of interracial, interethnic relations in this country. More than 1,000 Asian, […]

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  • I’ll Melt With You

    I’ll Melt With You

    Sharks Setoguchi warms to San Jose For a guy whose San Jose expertise was limited to the city’s vague geographical location prior to being drafted by the Sharks, rookie winger Devin Setoguchi has quickly become an advocate for the Silicon Valley lifestyle.

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  • UCSF Med Students Reach Out

    UCSF Med Students Reach Out

    The San Francisco Hepatitis B Collaborative, a medical student organization at the University of California, San Francisco and community partner of the S.F. Hep B Free Campaign, is providing free screening, testing and vaccinations at two sites. Located at Mount Zion Medical Center and Chinatown […]

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