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  • Arts Briefs

    Arts Briefs

    Jamie Chung Cast in ‘Dragonball’ Movie HOLLYWOOD — Korean American actress Jamie Chung will star in next year’s live-action movie adaptation of Dragonball, the popular Japanese comic.

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  • Calendar: 12/28/07

    Calendar: 12/28/07

    Korean Buddhist Art EVENT: AsiaAlive DESCRIPTION: Painting demonstrations and hands-on activities by Korean monks/ artists Seol Min-seunim, Myung Chunseunim and Sung Ryunseunim. Visitors

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  • I Want to Speak Chinese

    I Want to Speak Chinese

    Dear Q: I’m a complete ABC — American Born Chinese. My Cantonese is horrid, and I know the only way to get better is to practice, but I feel awkward speaking my broken Chinese, especially around my friends who are fluent. How can I overcome […]

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  • For the Sake of Sake

    For the Sake of Sake

    Sake, often called the “Drink of the Gods” by the Japanese, is a beverage made from water, rice, koji-kin (an enzyme), and yeast. Until recently in America, sake was a mysterious liquid produced by secretive Japanese

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  • The Top Dish of 2007: Year in Review

    The Top Dish of 2007: Year in Review

    1 Bravo’s Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi splits with novelist Salman Rushdie after failed Hezbollah assassination attempt, and (like Rushdie) spites readers with second cookbook and chili honey butter diet. Later spotted making out with ex-husband at New York’s Bungalow 8 after announcing her “desire […]

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  • Who’s Hot: 12/28/07

    Who’s Hot: 12/28/07

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  • Manga: The Complete Guide

    Manga: The Complete Guide

    Akira is considered a legendary work of comic art, referred to by many as a masterpiece of manga, or Japanese graphic novel. Copies of this creation by Katsuhiro Otomo can be found sitting benignly in the graphic novel section of public libraries, where youth often […]

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