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  • Arts Briefs

    Arts Briefs

    Lucy Liu Returns To Television BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Starring in ABC’s Cashmere Mafia will be Lucy Liu’s first appearance as a series regular since Ally McBeal in 2002, when her fiery character Ling Woo ignited her movie career.

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  • Calendar: 2/1/08

    Calendar: 2/1/08

    ‘Southern Tagalog Exposure’EVENT: Presented by Manilatown Heritage Foundation DESCRIPTION: Screening includes radical public television announcements, experimental video shorts,

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  • I’m Not Rich

    I’m Not Rich

    Dear Q, I think a lot of Asian American women are incredibly materialistic, particularly the ones I date, who are mostly Chinese. Now, I don’t make a ton of money; I’m just a regular professional pulling in $60,000 a year. When I take a woman […]

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  • APA Stars for Obama

    APA Stars for Obama

    ‘Tre’ Ties Up Byler From Campaign Director Eric Byler has been one of the most vocal advocates for Barack Obama’s presidential bid, but his other passion project is preventing him from attending his own party! Byler missed out on the Obama Campaign Rally, featuring actress […]

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  • Presidential Candidates on Asian American Issues

    Presidential Candidates on Asian American Issues

    Where They Stand: DEMOCRATS Hillary Clinton On Asian American Issues: Last year, introduced legislation that would reunite families who have been separated by the immigration system. Sponsored the Legal Immigrant Children’s Health Improvement Act to restore access to Medicaid and SCHIP benefits for legal immigrant […]

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  • Who’s Hot

    Who’s Hot

    Welcome to AsianWeek’s new nightlife section, your destination for the best weekend events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Look for us each week!

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  • Endorsements


    PRESIDENT Barack Obama DEMOCRAT — U.S. Senator Barack Obama is the first-ever presidential candidate of color to have a broad base of support throughout America. A native of Hawaii, Obama’s personal and political background reflects the multicultural future of America. The energy Obama has ignited […]

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  • AZN Television To Go Off Air

    AZN Television To Go Off Air

    Comcast pulls the plug on Asian American network after two years Cable operator Comcast Corp. announced last Friday that it will be pulling the plug on the Asian American channel AZN Television.

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  • ‘Obamalot’ And How It Can Backfire

    ‘Obamalot’ And How It Can Backfire

    The Kennedys have branded their heir apparent. And now we have Barack and Camelot. “Obamalot,” anyone? This major political merger changes modern American liberal folklore. It gives Obama what he lacked: mythic heft. But whether it’s good for the whole Democratic Party is still in […]

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