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  • RetroFit Your Wardrobe

    RetroFit Your Wardrobe

    Throw out your high tech sneakers and start diggin’ through grandpa and grandma’s attic. Ditch the light styling mousse and get yourself some old fashion pomade. The ’40s are back…

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  • Health Care Reform: Why It Matters to Us

    Health Care Reform: Why It Matters to Us

    The upcoming elections have generated hope that with a new administration there will be a real chance for meaningful health care reform. As Asian American and Pacific Islander voters go to the poll, they should consider why health care reform is of utmost importance to […]

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  • Calif. Acupuncture Bill Advances

    Calif. Acupuncture Bill Advances

    Before year’s end, Californians may no longer pay extra insurance premiums for acupuncture if a bill currently in the state Senate is made into law. The bill, AB54, mandates insurance companies to include acupuncture treatments in coverage plans. It passed the

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  • The Anti-Romance

    The Anti-Romance

    Eric Byler’s ‘Tre’ opens today in S.F. In his third feature film, writer/director Eric Byler (Americanese) explores the relevance of social institutions such as marriage, work, love and family in an era where lies and corruption are rewarded over honesty and the rule of law.

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