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  • Letters to the Editor

    Letters to the Editor

    The Asian Playboy I’m an alumnus of the program, who after 20 years of struggles with women was able to finally learn the knowledge and skills, and also the belief that I’m a worthy man (“Proselytizing ‘the Game,’” Feb. 8). I am now with a […]

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  • We Will All Be Minorities

    We Will All Be Minorities

    This week, the results of a new study further confirms the inevitable: By 2050, due to a population increase of nearly 50 percent driven mainly by immigrants and their American-born children, there will be no majority population — all Americans will be minorities, according to […]

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  • Out of This World: Julie Oda in ‘Satellites’

    Out of This World: Julie Oda in ‘Satellites’

    In Diana Son’s recent Off-Broadway hit, Satellites (now playing at Berkeley’s Aurora Theatre), Julie Oda plays a young Korean American wife and mother who, with her African American husband, moves into a predominantly black neighborhood. A host of unexp

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