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  • Commerce Briefs

    Commerce Briefs

    USPAACC Procurement Connections EVENT: “Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Southern California Regional Chapter Procurement Connections” DESCRIPTION: A daylong event for networking; seminars by Wells Fargo, Verizon; and more.

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  • Potomac Primaries

    Potomac Primaries

    Last Tuesday was the day when the nation looked to the Chesapeake Bay states to see which candidates would move ahead in their quest for the White House. On the Democratic side, Sen. Barack Obama defeated Sen. Hillary Clinton in Virginia, Maryland and the District […]

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  • Will Hillary and APA Women Win Sexist San Francisco?

    Will Hillary and APA Women Win Sexist San Francisco?

    While Sen. Hillary Clinton swooped up the California presidential primary, Sen. Barack Obama beat her in “progressive” San Francisco, 52-45 percent. It trumped identity politics (of APAs and women) in a city that tolerated sexual harassment allegations against its mayor and former district attorney.

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  • Give Before You Get

    Give Before You Get

    The second of a five-part series of excerpts from Chien J. Wang’s book It’s Who Knows You: Networking Your Way to Success, published by WBusiness Books in January. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to networking is that they think […]

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