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  • Daily Dose: 02/25/08

    Daily Dose: 02/25/08

    > Honoring Japanese American LAPD Deputy Chief > U.S. Authorities Work to Bring Japanese Businessman Back to Los Angeles > Christine Oh Joins Campaign for Justice > Health Community Leader Bien Passes Away > IVF Experts Hatch Shared-Egg Program to Ease Shortages > S.F. Colleges […]

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  • Ghost Dance Prophecy Fulfilled

    Ghost Dance Prophecy Fulfilled

    I had the privilege of attending a gathering last weekend in southern Maryland between the local Piscataway Indian Nation and people of Native American ancestry who hail from the countries of El Salvador, Paraguay, Colombia and Peru. Included in the group were Spanish-speaking laborers from […]

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  • CNN Blows It: APAS Have Supported Blacks

    CNN Blows It: APAS Have Supported Blacks

    During Black History Month and Lunar New Year, CNN ran a Feb. 8 story pitting Asian Pacific Americans against African Americans with lines like “fearful of a black presidential candidate [Barack Obama].” One criticism, led by S.B. Woo’s 80-20 Initiative, is that CNN interviewed mostly […]

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  • Credibility is Everything

    Credibility is Everything

    The third of a five-part series of excerpts from Chien J. Wang’s book It’s Who Knows You: Networking Your Way to Success, published by WBusiness Books in January. It is absolutely critical to keep your credibility intact in business. I can’t believe how many people […]

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  • GM Minority Dealers Gala

    GM Minority Dealers Gala

    Ted Fang, editor and publisher of AsianWeek, with General Motors Minority Dealers Association Executive Director Marjorie Staten and General Motors Chairman and CEO Richard Wagoner. (photo by Frank Jang) ________________________________________________________________________ The General Motors Minority Dealers Association held its 19th annual scholarship gala on Feb. 8 […]

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