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  • Daily Dose: 02/26/08

    Daily Dose: 02/26/08

    > ‘Political Awareness and Leadership in the Asian Pacific American Community’ > ‘Fighting AIDS in Asia’ > Asian Heritage Street Celebration Poster Contest > Multilingual Immigration Workshop Series > Language Rights Advocates Laud SFPD Language Access Policy > Restaurateur Tommy Toy Dies > Feng Shui […]

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  • The Power Of Stereotypes

    The Power Of Stereotypes

    We wonder why nobody buys Asians in show biz when blacks, Latinos, Jews and even redneck Americans exploit stereotypes for fun and profit. Chris Tucker plays up the street-smart African American against Jackie Chan. Adult Swim’s Boondocks explores how black kids

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  • Obama Wins Big in Hawai‘i

    Obama Wins Big in Hawai‘i

    HONOLULU — In the state with the largest proportion of Asian Americans, Barack Obama won a resounding victory over Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Hawai‘i caucuses Tuesday night, gaining the upper hand in the Democratic presidential race.

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