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  • Daily Dose: 03/31/08

    Daily Dose: 03/31/08

    » Skyline Guard Blossoms » Philippine Foreign Service Examinations Start May 4 » Yankees’ Matsui Gets Married, Pulls Fast One on Jeter and Abreu » Cambodian ‘Killing Fields’ Survivor Dith Pran Dies » New York Assemblywoman Organizes Book Drive for National Library Week » Japan’s […]

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  • Ten Young Asian American Women Who Will Change the World

    Ten Young Asian American Women Who Will Change the World

    Asian Sisters Participating In Reaching Excellence, or ASPIRE, will be honoring an Asian American woman in high school or college for her exceptional contributions to the community. The winner will be announced at the 2008 Asian American Women In Leadership Conference at Simmons College, Mass., […]

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  • U.S.-Japan IT Venture Summit

    U.S.-Japan IT Venture Summit

    More than 200 people attended the 2008 U.S.-Japan IT Venture Summit at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose on March 18. The first annual venture summit was sponsored by the Japanese External Trade Organization-San Francisco, U.S.

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  • A World Women Can Call Their Own

    A World Women Can Call Their Own

    When friends Jennifer Bellofatto and Cherry Mendoza wanted to connect with each other from opposite sides of the country, they could not find a social networking Web site for professional women that was free of unwanted MySpace- and Friendster-esque solicitors. Their solution?

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  • Mining the Home Movie

    Mining the Home Movie

    Why would any serious scholar be interested in home movies? We’ve all seen them. The kids in Cousin Shirley’s backyard pool splashing the puppy. Your best friend’s shots of himself gawking at the camera in front of every monument in Europe.

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  • Barack Obama’s ‘Model Minority’ Problem

    Barack Obama’s ‘Model Minority’ Problem

    When I called Barack Obama’s race speech “The Liberal Side of Colorblind: Obama’s Post-Affirmative Action Politics,” a reader asked me to clarify what I meant. Simply put, Obama’s speech marks a clear pivot on the discussion of race in America. When a surging black

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  • God Is In Our Way

    God Is In Our Way

    Dear Q, I’m a white girl dating a really hot Korean guy. We get along really well, laugh a lot and have solid communication skills. The problem is he’s totally Christian.

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  • Can Internet Babies Coo?

    Can Internet Babies Coo?

    In the physical world, empathy and morality can be influenced and taught by exposing children and adults to situations that emphasize our interconnectedness. The challenge is how to do this on the Internet, where cyber-bullying and harassment are growing problems.

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  • ‘Catwalk’ Girls Work It

    ‘Catwalk’ Girls Work It

    SAN FRANCISCO — As the lights dimmed and the bass from the speakers filled the SomArts Gallery, the sold-out crowd rose to their feet in applause as Tita Aida, the self-proclaimed transgender “hostess with the moistest,” made her way down the 60-foot-long runway to kick […]

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  • Asian Nights: 03/28/08

    Asian Nights: 03/28/08

      Friday, March 28 Genesis Fridays: ‘Flirts and Skirts’ Details: Rouge Nightclub, 1500 Broadway St., San Francisco, 10 p.m.-2 a.m., 21+ Music: Hip-hop

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