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  • Daily Dose: 04/03/08

    Daily Dose: 04/03/08

    » AsianWeek Market Report » LAUSD Talking About Speaking More Chinese » Design of City College’s Chinatown/North Beach Campus to be Presented to Board » MMA Fighter Le Breaks Opponent’s Arm, Wins His Belt » New Twist in Battle for 8th District » Struggling Asians […]

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  • Chicago’s Wrigley Field Installs ‘Dome’

    Chicago’s Wrigley Field Installs ‘Dome’

    It took a century, but the Cubs may finally be on the right track. After previously ignoring the overseas free agent market, Chicago’s lovable losers finally got hip to what Japan has to offer in terms of major league-ready talent and aggressively pursued Kosuke Fukudome, […]

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  • Top 10 Returning Stars

    Top 10 Returning Stars

    1 Ichiro Suzuki Outfield, SEA Mariners 2007 G AB R H HR RBI SB AVG. SEA 161 678 111 238 6 68 37 .351 He’s much more subtle in his approach, but

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  • A ‘Giant’ Impact on The Asian American Community

    A ‘Giant’ Impact on The Asian American Community

    SAN FRANCISCO — There will always be a special place for the San Francisco Giants in the hearts of Asian American Major League Baseball fans, no matter what team they root for (yes, even the Dodgers). In 1964, the Giants drafted Japanese pitcher Masanori Murakami, […]

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  • Mohawk in ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

    Mohawk in ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

    Hell’s Kitchen started its fourth run this week with 15 new contestants, but after seeing the lineup in action, it’s questionable why these people would make for good reality TV, much less pursue a career in the culinary arts. The one promising hopeful for some […]

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