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  • Daily Dose: 04/07/08

    Daily Dose: 04/07/08

    » AsianWeek Market Report » S.F. Mayor Announces APA Olympic Torchbearers » Kim Won’t Sign Off on Smoking Ban at County Parks » AZN Television Will Be Taken Off the Air » ‘Chinatown’ Stirs Unusual Rumblings » Japan’s Oldest Person Dies at 113

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  • ‘21’ Not the First Film To ‘Whitewash’ Our History

    ‘21’ Not the First Film To ‘Whitewash’ Our History

    You’ve probably heard the new film 21 is based on Ben Mezrich’s best-selling book Bringing Down the House, which recounts the true story of a group of MIT students who devised a method of counting cards and took Las Vegas casinos for millions. In the […]

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  • Obama’s Wright Wing Conspiracy

    Obama’s Wright Wing Conspiracy

    Everyone knows “Four score and seven years ago” and “I have a dream,” but only Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “God damn America!” will live forever in infamy. Unlike O.J., Obama has mesmerized Americans of all colors into backing a president that worships weekly a message that […]

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  • Next B.M.O.C. And Just Saying ‘Ngo’

    Next B.M.O.C. And Just Saying ‘Ngo’

    Vietnamese homonyms — you got win-win with San Jose Councilwoman Madison Nguyen and Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen. … Now Steve Ngo, attorney for Minami Tamaki LLP, has tossed his name into the hat for San Francisco City College’s trustee board. Ngo has a shot […]

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