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  • Asian Teen STD Rates?

    Asian Teen STD Rates?

    The Centers for Disease Control reported last month outrageous rates of sexually transmitted diseases among women, especially African American women. I worked out the Asian Pacific/Islander rates of syphilis as one-third less than white women; chlamydia was 18 percent less and

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  • Asian American Spirituality

    Asian American Spirituality

    The hidden gift of a complex community This is the first monthly column on Asian American religion and spirituality, written by me, a Christian pastor. I can just hear the comments now. From anti-church people: “The church has been a tool of the oppressor. Why […]

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  • Barack-ing the Racial Divide: What the Media Pundits Missed

    Barack-ing the Racial Divide: What the Media Pundits Missed

    Finally, the dust is settling over the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy, thanks to Sen. Barack Obama’s forthright speech on race in America. In the mainstream media, pundits have generally given the presentation a positive spin.

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  • Post-Game Wrap on  Tibet

    Post-Game Wrap on Tibet

    In the aftermath of the Tibet/China/torch protests, one thing is clear: What we have here is a failure to communicate. From City Hall to the Board of Supervisors, from street protestors to pro-China counter-protestors to the Olympic committee to China — no one has found […]

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  • Japantown’s Future

    Japantown’s Future

    The Cherry Blossom Festival, which concludes this Sunday with its Grand Parade, offers an allegory for San Francisco’s Japantown. The festival was started in 1967, amid the intertwined societal upheavals of the Vietnam War, the civil rights struggles and Japanese Americans’ burgeoning ethnic

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