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  • No Jobs for Us: Our reality of the recession

    No Jobs for Us: Our reality of the recession

    Gen. Y Perspective Every few months, I get this crazy urge at around one in the morning to jump onto Craigslist and look for another job. This urge is motivated by the voice in my head screaming, “I need to move out of my parents’ […]

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  • Pork Lovin’ Asians

    Pork Lovin’ Asians

    Pork barrel” politics, patronage, political favoritism, earmarks — whatever you choose to call these line-item funding projects, they are as much an American tradition as our democratic electoral process. Congressional politicians add on billions of dollars in special interest projects every year without a hearing, […]

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  • Congressional Spending on Asian Americans

    Congressional Spending on Asian Americans

    Waste is in the eyes of the fiscal watchdog. Citizens Against Government Waste’s 2008 Congressional Pig Book Summary ( rips into 11,610 “pork barrel” projects worth $17.2 billion in the 2008-09 fiscal year. … Some prominent APA legislators topped the lists, including the two octogenarian […]

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  • Rice, Rice Everywhere

    Rice, Rice Everywhere

    It was only about 7,000 years ago that our ancestors invented ways to domesticate animals and grow grains and fruits, thus changing life on earth, at least for humans, from nomadic hunting and gathering to a more sedentary lifestyle. The plow and the alluvial fields […]

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