Manny Pacquiao WBC Lightweight Title Coverage

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Round by Round Coverage

  • After fighter walk-ins, it is evident that the audience favors Pacquiao as they continue to chant “Manny! Manny! Manny!

  • “Team Pacquiao” and trainers enter the ring with three title belts raised high.

Round 1

  • Both fighters meet at center ring as the bell sounds. It is a slow start until Pacquiao lands two lefts, warranting a roar of approval from the crowd. Pacquiao circles Diaz and takes a combination to the body from Diaz.

  • Pacquiao counters with a combination to the head and body – a hard left that continues to fuel the energy of crowd’s reaction. Pacquiao lands three straight jabs with another combination to Diaz’s head. Pacquiao looks ripe and alert, combined with a huge speed advantage on Diaz.

  • Diaz misses badly with a hook, and Pacquiao lands a four-punch combination that brings the standard cheer from the crowd after every Pacquiao flurry. Pacquiao wins the round, but Diaz still looks tough and able to stand toe to toe.

Round 2

  • Both fighters trade inside blows as the round starts. Diaz lands a combination to the head, but Pacquiao counters with a left-right-left combination. Diaz seems to be guarding for the anticipation of a Pacquiao left, but Pacquiao lands a right hook, then a jab and another hook to the body.

  • With an overhand left from Pacquiao and a right hook that snaps Diaz’s head back, members of the crowd rise from their chairs, some yelling “Knock him out!” Pacquiao lands a left-right combination to the head, then a right hook. The momentum continues to shift in Pacquiao’s favor as he lands a five-punch combination.

  • Pacman is way too fast for Diaz, and his footwork allows him to avoid any power punches from Diaz. Diaz has a visible cut on his nose. Another hard combination by Pacquiao leaves the crowd wanting more as the round ends. Diaz seems somewhat rattled and unsure walking back to his corner.

Round 3

  • Diaz opens the round with a jab, prompting Pacquiao to land a double jab and then a left. Diaz lands a good right. Pacquiao counters with a four-punch combination to Diaz’s head, which merits an explosion of cheers from the crowd. With a flat-footed Diaz and an energized Pacquiao, the fight seems to be shifting into the full favor of Pacquiao.

  • Manny lands a right hook that exposes the cut on the bridge of Diaz’s nose. Pacquiao lands a jab snapping Diaz’s head back. Diaz lands a short right inside that doesn’t seem to phase Pacquiao, who raises his hands in defiance and counters with a left cross. Diaz looks slow and mismatched at this point.

  • Pacquiao continues to land a series of right hooks. The ground begins to rumble from the crowd that continues to stomp in unison, as bellowing screams of “Come on Manny! Knock him out!” fill the arena of people waiting for what seems to be an inevitable outcome for Pacquiao.

Round 4

  • Pacquiao opens with a jab, and Diaz counters with a right hook to the body and hook to the head. Pacquiao counters with a left that stuns Diaz, followed by another hard left. Diaz is now cut badly on his right eye. The referee stops the fight briefly to allow the doctor to examine the cut. Diaz is allowed to continue, but it visibly bothers him.

  • Pacquiao lands a hard right and then a big left. Diaz wobbles in his stance, and the arena erupts in excessive cheers. Pacquiao continues to land hard, championship-worthy blows. A hook by Pacquiao ends the round. Diaz looks befuddled.

Round 5

  • Diaz’s corner temporarily closes the cut on his eye. Diaz lands a hook to the body. Pacquiao answers with a hard right, then a right-left combination on Diaz’s chin. Pacquiao continues to overwhelm Diaz with a flurry of punches in bunches with Diaz bending at the waist, bobbing and weaving, trying to find a way to avoid the blows. Pacquiao lands two rights, and the crowd cheers. Diaz lands a good right, which is his best punch of the fight. The blow fuels Pacquiao and causes him to punch his own face in a “Rocky”-esque gesture, telling the crowd that he’s not hurt. Pacquiao ends the round with a three-punch combination to the head.

Round 6

  • Pacquiao cuts open Diaz’s eyelid, and it looks worse this time. Diaz lands a right; Pacquiao counters with a double hook. Diaz’s cut is bleeding profusely. Diaz is warned for hitting behind the head, which warrants booes from the crowd. Pacquiao lands a left to the head, then a short right inside. A three-punch combination inside by Pacquiao and then a hard right to the head causes Referee Drakulich to have Diaz’s cut checked out. He is allowed to continue fighting.

Round 7

  • Diaz misses carelessly with a right hook. Pacquiao capitalizes with a jab and then a right. Diaz lands a right to the body, but Pacquiao answers with a right-left to the head, then a left to the body and to the head. Diaz’s eye continues to bleed profusely. Pacquiao bullies his way through with a three-punch combination, then an uppercut and a right to end the round as the crowd stands, antsy for more.

Round 8

  • Pacquiao opens with hard punches to Diaz’s head, flushing visible bursts of sweat and blood off of Diaz’s face to the ground. Diaz is sluggish and cannot land any punches. A right-left-right combination by Pacquiao sends Diaz sagging in to the ropes. The bout has become a massacre as Diaz continues to bleed buckets. His face has become as red as a matador’s cape. Pacquiao continues to rake Diaz along the ropes. The pro-Pacquiao crowd continues to chant “Manny! Manny! Manny!”

  • Diaz is tough but is taking a horrendous beating. The ref is not willing to stop the bout just yet. Pacquiao lands a five-punch combination, followed by a left that catches Diaz on the way in. Diaz is looking worst by the second, and the crowd stands cheering and awaiting the inevitable outcome as the round ends.

Round 9

  • Diaz misses a left uppercut, leaving him open to an overhand left that rattles Diaz’s jaw and sending him face first into the canvas. Everyone is on their feet, searching for the aftermath of the brutal blow. The ref waves off the fight at 2:24.

  • Diaz remains motionless on the ground as Manny’s corner raises him on to their shoulders.

  • Manny kneels in his corner, buried in prayer.

  • Then props himself up on to the ropes, standing with raised hands and acknowledging the admiring crowd that roars his name.

Photos by John C. Juan Jr.

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