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Gossip Girl Not Just a Nerd
If Yin Chang, who plays Nelly Yuki on Gossip Girl, seems a little familiar – no, she wasn’t on Gilmore Girls – it’s because Blair’s nerdy rival for Yale is model numero uno for Best Buy’s back-to-school print campaign. So if Chang’s fashion forward outfits don’t inspire you to run to H&M or Forever 21 for the latest argyle-cardigan-and-legging combo, then maybe she’ll inspire you to get some wood – pencils, that is.Tila Tequila Goes Yahoo! For Lezzie Lover
Tila Tequila showcased her first-ever instance of self-restraint, turning down MTV’s offer for a third season of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila because she’s in love with new girlfriend, Yahoo! heiress Courtenay Semel. It probably has nothing to do with Tequila being dumped by season 2 finalist and Playboy model Kristy Morgan because who’s Morgan anyway? Semel’s a cash cow and allegedly popped Lindsay Lohan’s lezz-berry. The gals were last spotted arm-in-arm at two L.A. parties over the past two weeks. A “Page Six” spy overheard them bragging about sharing lipstick via smeary make-out sessions; judging from Semel’s overbite, that’s pretty easy to do.

Meg Ryan: Teen Son Adores Daisy True
Meg Ryan‘s adopted Chinese daughter, Daisy True, gets along great with her bioligical son, Jack Henry, even though they’re 13 years apart. “As soon as Jack figured out how hilarious Daisy is, they developed an incredible relationship,” Ryan told Parade magazine. Daisy has apparently brought out Jack’s paternal, protective side – which is something Ryan was concerned about considering her ex Dennis Quaid divorced her following her scandalous affair with Gladiator star Russell Crowe in 2000. It almost looks like Ryan’s using Daisy to gain leverage with her son as a mother figure.

Margaret Cho Antsy for Reality TV Premiere

While Margaret Cho is still reeling over her new tattoo from San Francisco’s Everlasting Tattoo (831 Divisadero St.), we’re reeling over the upcoming Aug. 21 premiere of her new reality TV show, The Cho Show, complete with footage from the inaugural Margaret Cho Day at San Francisco’s City Hall in April. Since then, she’s been filming like crazy, booking another deal with a new Lifetime pilot, Drop Dead Diva, about a dead model/actress whose soul ends up in the body of a brilliant but rather frumpy lawyer (Cho will play her assistant).

Takei Plans Fall Wedding
George Takei is planning a September wedding to longtime partner, Brian Altman, after being first in line for a marriage license in June. “I started singing ‘One Singular Sensation,'” Takei told WENN. The Japanese National Museum will host their Sept. 12 wedding. Also cued up are Welcome to Dollhouse star Heather Matarazzo and girlfriend Carolyn Murphy. Lindsay Lohan is rumored to wed Samantha Ronson – even though her dad has refused to walk her down the aisle because apparently boozing it up is okay with his religion, but he draws the line at same sex lovin’.

Cassie’s Nip Tips Block Cancer?

Filipino-West Indian R & B singer, Cassie Ventura, is livid about stories on the Internet that she’s pregnant — even though that’s to be expected when you’re spotted hanging out exclusively with P. Diddy for months. But one thing is sure though … Cassie’s NOT going to be like her mom. Ventura’s mother, who is Mexican and West Indian, is a two-time breast cancer survivor; Ventura resorted to sexy self-treatment.. “I’m sitting there with my parents, my mom’s sobbing after she finds out that I don’t have the gene, and I’m like, ‘Guess what, mom and dad, I got my nipples pierced,'” she told Star Pulse. “It was nerve-racking because I was like, ‘My mom’s going to kill me if I have this gene and I got these things.'” Wonder what Christina Applegate thinks of that?!

Bloodgood’s Secrets Revealed by Journeyman Creator

Moon Bloodgood played the lovely Livia in NBC’s cancelled “Journeyman,” but the writers’ strike last November really cursed the production — and now that creator, Kevin Falls, knows the show’ll never be back, he let Aint It Cool News in on the big secrets! Bloodgood was initially supposed to help Dan and Katie get back together, as Livia (a time traveller from 1948); they were supposed to meet up in 2008 when she was elderly. Some of us are crossing our fingers that “Lost” gets cancelled and we can get the same lucid outline from start to finish!

Maddox’s Day at Races
Maddox Jolie-Pitt turned seven the only way a Jolie-Pitt knows how: with fast cars, a hot daddy, and all in the South of France, according to People magazine. While mom, Angelina Jolie, stayed at Chateau Miraval with new twins, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, the boys took a spin at the go-kart races — where Maddox beat Brad Pitt to the finish.

Miss Asia America Gets Hitched
I was showing Brazilian actor Bruce Gomlevsky’s brother around the St. Regis Hotel veranda when we bumped into marketing guru Vincent Ma and his new wife, former Miss Asia America Amy Truong, sporting matching hot pink outfits by the elevator doors shooting film for their spectacular wedding on Aug. 8. Truong served as queen between 1999 to 2001, and the newlyweds are off to Cancun, Mexico, for the grand honeymoon!

“Their repressed Muslim government hates the fact that I am an actress. But they still all see my movies, even though my films are not allowed to be shown there. But everything’s under the table. Everyone sells on the black market. They get pirated copies, and then someone copies the copies.”

– Iranian House of Sand and Fog actress, Shohreh Aghdashloo, 56, on staying in Hollywood (StarPulse)

Liz Hurley’s Diva Demands Drop Reality Show
She has a habit of pressing her boobs together with her arms in all her papp pics, but Elizabeth Hurley may have pressed her last button with TV execs for a “Simple Life”-styled reality TV show showcasing her new rustic life with Indian-German hubby, Arun Nayar. BBC’s Channel 4 ixnayed the show, saying that “Elizabeth wanted far too much money” and that “she was also rather difficult to work with.” What did that mean, exactly? Apparently, Hurley insisted that anyone who called her by her first name would be fired on the spot during taping. Meo-OW! (source: Daily Mail UK)

Metallica Showcases Brain Damage?
Heavy metal music might help the plants grow, but it rots your brain and self-esteem according to a study by the University of Warwick. But even metal heads can discern a bad album — especially if you happen to be a band named Metallica, and you’ve decided to name your upcoming Sept. 12 release “Death Magnetic” (complete with obvious graphic to boot). The Gauntlet is holding a fan contest this week to rename the album, and my bandwith’s already been compromised by the overwhelming response blowing up on the Internet!

Oasis Prefs Lennon, Calls Coldplay Fans “Ugly”

Oasis’ Liam Gallagher has no qualms calling Radiohead and Coldplay fans “boring and ugly,” but never comments on his own unnatural fascination (ahem, obsession) with John Lennon. Gallagher is planning a tribute song for the slain Beatle on his upcoming album, even though the last person to “honor” Gallagher was done only in spite: the Oasis singer was owned at the Glastonbury Music Festival when Jay-Z responded to Gallagher’s retorts that hip hop wasn’t legitimate music by playing Gallagher’s ’90s hit, “Wonderwall”.
Ironically, Gallagher sees nothing wrong with ripping off Lennon’s pathos, hair, swagger, and has even claimed to have been visited by his ghost during a sleepover in Manchester! (sources: Star Pulse, Times UK)

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