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  • Emil: It’s Barack O’Biden

    Emil: It’s Barack O’Biden

    Check out the blog at for the latest.

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  • Asian American is “World’s Greatest Athlete”

    Asian American is “World’s Greatest Athlete”

    Bryan Clay brings Olympic decathlon title back to the United States, and it wasn’t even close. BEIJING – The world’s greatest athlete may or may not eat Wheaties for breakfast, but we know that he drinks traditional Japanese rice soup every New Year’s eve. Bryan […]

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  • APA Youth Learn Street Smarts Through Literacy

    APA Youth Learn Street Smarts Through Literacy

    SAN FRANCISCO — Tenderloin District Police officers and firefighters visited children at the Janice Mirikitani Family, Youth and Childcare Center on August 15 to reinforce the message that good reading and thinking skills help keep them safe on the street. The event was a book […]

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  • No Cake For You

    No Cake For You

    Dear Q, I’m a 28-year-old gay Filipino American, and my partner is white and turning 50. He wants to have a big party for the landmark occasion, but I’m a little hesitant. I love him dearly, but I am uncomfortable with our age difference and […]

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  • An Eye-Opener

    An Eye-Opener

    The Spanish Basketball Team’s gesture is contrary to the spirit of the Olympics Amidst the glory of the Beijing Olympics, the Spanish Federation Basketball team saw it fit to release a team photo in a Spanish advertisement in which all are pulling their eyes back […]

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  • All Smiles for Miss Asian America Contestants

    All Smiles for Miss Asian America Contestants

    SAN FRANCSICO — Bay Area contestants of the Miss Asian America Pageant flashed big smiles for cameras and admirers on August 2 in their first public appearance at Portsmouth Square in Chinatown. The 23rd Annual Miss Asian America Pageant, billed as a celebration of culture, […]

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  • Secret Asian Man

    Secret Asian Man

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