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  • Sydney Orchestra “Synched” 2000 Olympics Performance (too)

    Sydney Orchestra “Synched” 2000 Olympics Performance (too)

    “What is the big deal!! When you do a live show it is sometimes neccessary to fill in with prerecord section in some instances,” cries Robyn, a commenter on a Canadian news outlet, in response to recent news about the 2000 Sydney Olympic opening performance. […]

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  • Political Jiujitsu – Obama & Biden, McCain & Palin

    Political Jiujitsu – Obama & Biden, McCain & Palin

    With just 60+ days left in the presidential race, various media outlets have been using “political jiujitsu” (a term coined by political scientist in 1973 Gene Sharp that basically means to throw your opponent off balance with a strategic political tactic or maneuver). Among the […]

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  • Daily Dose: 08/29/08

    Daily Dose: 08/29/08

    » Filipino Man Sentenced For Writing Racial Hate Letters » Forum for Communities of Color During the RNC » Assemblywoman Ma’s Legislation Passed by State Assembly » Arrests Made in Cemetery Thefts in Colma » APA’s Perform in Community Classical Music Concert » Chinese Cultural […]

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  • Calendar: 08/29/08

    Calendar: 08/29/08

    Ming Dynasty Treasures EVENT: Special exhibition at the Asian Art Museum DESCRIPTION: The Asian Art Museum is showing a unique exhibition of more than 200 Ming treasures from China’s finest museums, including rare objects from the Forbidden City in Beijing. From jades and porcelains to […]

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  • Committed Relationship, Unprotected Sex

    Committed Relationship, Unprotected Sex

    Study shows Chinese American women have fewer partners, low knowledge of HIV A recent study has found that the age of first intercourse for college-aged Chinese and Chinese American women in Northern California was about 17, mirroring the national average age of 17.3 for women […]

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  • Underdog: Organic hot dogs

    Underdog: Organic hot dogs

    SAN FRANCISCO — Sometimes quality is all it takes to make something truly special. Just ask Rizza Punzalan, the charming and friendly bandana-wearing owner of the Sunset District’s Underdog, which bills itself as “the organic sausage joint.” “We’re more than a restaurant, we’re a movement,” […]

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  • The Best Thing About Radi-Yo

    The Best Thing About Radi-Yo

    When you see celebrities everyday, you realize that they’re just like us,” remarks Michael Yo. And he should know. The self-described “half-black brother with the Korean mother,” delivers entertainment news, celebrity interviews and gossip daily as the host of Yo on E!, a three-hour live […]

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  • Asian Nights: 08/29/08

    Asian Nights: 08/29/08

    Friday, August 29 The Big Playback Details: Mighty, 119 Utah St., San Francisco, 10p.m.–4 a.m., 21+ Music: Hip-hop, Dancehall, Funk

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  • Displaced Once More

    Displaced Once More

    San Francisco State University faculty and students aid the recovery of Vietnamese Americans in Biloxi and New Orleans When Hurricane Katrina struck three years ago, I, like so many others, watched with disbelief and sadness the unending media coverage of the devastation, suffering, injury, loss […]

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  • Why Asians Speak English

    Why Asians Speak English

    The Beijing Olympics in China reminded the world that Asia is overtaking Western nations in everything from Olympic gold medals to economic growth. But it took test scores from kindergarten through 12th grade students in California to remind us that Asians are also overtaking usage […]

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