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  • Republican National Convention Updates

    Republican National Convention Updates

    Kimberly Yee, Arizona Delegate, 2008 Republican National Convention Republicans Rise to Action Today is the first day of the Republican Convention here in St. Paul, Minnesota and delegates and Republican officials are putting aside politics and parties. The setting here is about helping fellow Americans. […]

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  • Ten Characteristics of Millionaires

    Ten Characteristics of Millionaires

    Wealth building values and Habits “To master the world, one must first master one’s self.” – Chinese Proverb Success can be defined many ways. We can be successful at work, in school or with our relationships. We can measure success by how happy we are […]

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  • Daily Dose: 09/02/08

    Daily Dose: 09/02/08

    » AsianWeek Market Report » Asian Americans Top SATs in Math » Asian American Suspect Sought in Salt Lake City Shooting » Indian Americans Could Be Critical to This Year’s Elections » Free Chinese Language Sales and Use Tax Class » GOP Assemblyman Tran Seen […]

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  • Maharlika


    Reader response to my column about a name change for the Philippines was phenomenal. From Mindanao, Kauban M. wrote that Moros prefer Maharlika, as it is the name suited to our culture and character. A local reader, Joseph Vizcarra, also liked Maharlika because it pays […]

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  • From Classy to Nasty: Vogue India’s Controversial Photos Uncovered

    From Classy to Nasty: Vogue India’s Controversial Photos Uncovered

    In Vogue India’s August issue, art directors of a cover spread featured some of the country’s most impoverished people flaunting luxurious accessories by Fendi. One photo (inset) features a mother, hands obviously calloused and overworked, holding her child wearing a $100 Fendi bib – a […]

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