Lucy Liu Talks Dirty

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The shocking cancellation of ABC’s Cashmere Mafia didn’t hurt sexy actress Lucy Liu’s confidence at all. After pitching that she was interested in being part of the hit new show Dirty Sexy Money, the producers immediately created a role for her as a series regular. Details are limited, but we know that she plays the role of Nola Lyons, a powerful attorney that faces Nick George (played by Peter Krause). Everyone knows that Samaire Armstrong from the first season has been in rehab since last fall, and although she will continue to star in this show, we’ve heard her role will only be part-time. Is Lucy taking away from her role? Talk about confidence bringing success. The new season premieres October 1.

Pang Brother’s turning So Hollywood
Danny Pang and Oxide Pang Chun make up the Pang Brothers, who have written and directed movies including The Eye and The Messengers. Out this week is Bangkok Dangerous, an English-language remake of the Pangs’ own 1999 film but altered for American audiences. While the hit man in the original was a deaf-mute, the new version stars Nicholas Cage, and here his girlfriend is the deaf-mute. OK, maybe the story was completely flipped — and the Pang Brothers might not have desired it this way. After all, the fans who fell in love with the original will probably not appreciate the glamorous Hollywood remake. But it’s whatever makes the numbers in the box office, even for the Pang Brothers.

Ping Pong Playa in the House!

Another Asian American movie in the theatres this week: Ping Pong Playa is a hilarious comedy that had so much success at the film festivals that it’s now hitting the big screens. Follow the story through the eyes of zany Christopher “C-dub” Wang, who has something called the “second-son syndrome” — and there’s a reason why he calls himself “C-dub” (even though he is clearly not a rapper). Their official release party is going to be at LAX, one of the hottest Hollywood nightclubs, this Saturday.

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