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  • Ensuring the Right to Vote for AAPIs

    Ensuring the Right to Vote for AAPIs

    Community should prepare against Election Day problems As Election Day draws near, Asian American Pacific Islanders are gearing up for this historic day. Past election difficulties for AAPIs demonstrate that the community needs to be prepared to oppose challenges that may face AAPI voters. A […]

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  • Asian Commercial Scholarships

    Asian Commercial Scholarships

    SAN FRANCISCO — Asian Commercial Professionals, a Bay Area-based nonprofit association of real estate and allied professionals, offered three $1,000 scholarships to students pursuing careers in commercial real estate or related fields at an Aug. 14 reception at Roy’s.

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  • Bad Manners

    Bad Manners

    Dear Q, My neighbor’s children have terrible table manners. What’s more, they are one of those White families that eat cold cuts all the time and don’t have a real interest in food, so when they come over, I actually make an effort to prepare […]

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  • Secret Asian Man

    Secret Asian Man

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