Real World’s Party Girl is a Martial Arts Master

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Remember that hot Asian girl on MTV’s Real World San Diego? Jamie Chung was a Korean American from a (typically) strict Asian family in San Francisco – I’m sure her parents were shocked when her not-so-private partying habits were revealed all over reality TV! Now she’s back on TV screens with a completely different spin-as a Samurai Girl. Of course, with her Asian genetics, this 25-year-old hottie is easily able to play a 19-year-old Samurai daughter – but she doesn’t seem to quite match the hardcore martial arts type of girl. We’ll see if this ABC Family miniseries will have the fans asking for more.

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Fall TV Season Peek


VMA’s Brand New Look
This year’s MTV Video Music Awards featured Tim Kash, a Brit of Sri Lankan descent, hosting the pre and post-show. The British thing must be the trend right now because the VMA host was the odd-looking Russell Brand, who is supposedly famous in the UK. And what MTV show would be complete without a dance crew performance? Kaba Modern and Fanny Pak started the night with a pre-show dance-off.

Not-So-Secret Agents Start Asian Movement!
If you haven’t heard of Asian American hip-hop group Far East Movement or independent Asian American production company WongFu Productions, you definitely need to experience their concerts. This past weekend they did a concert called “International Secret Agents,” with none other than Sung Kang from The Fast and the Furious 3 making a surprise performance. These concerts not only showcase Asian American talent’s striving movement in the mainstream media but also giving back to the community from which they came.

Linkin Park Rockin’ Out
Whoever thought Asian people couldn’t be rock stars have been proven wrong over and over again by the amazing accomplishments of Linkin Park. With a Korean American DJ and director Joe Hahn (aka “Mr. Hahn”) and half-Japanese American Mike Shinoda as the rapper and guitarist, they make up two main musicians in a band of six guys. They picked up a moonman at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, winning Best Rock Video. Mr. Hahn has become such a Hollywood rock star that he has even opened his own clothing line and boutique called SURU at one of LA’s hottest shopping streets, Melrose Avenue.

Ashlee Simpson Preggers with Twins
Pop idol Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy’s rocker Pete Wentz make a super cute couple, and rumor has it that Ashlee is preggers with not one but a couple of babies! If you remember back in June, during Pete’s radio interview in Arizona, he referred to the “baby” as “them.” Just recently at the House of Hype’s Pre-VMA barbecue, Pete’s good pal and fellow musician Tyga revealed that they are expecting twins “for sure.” The VMA audience kept a close eye on the tiny Ashlee’s huge bump, and rumor has it she is getting some advice from Angelina Jolie.

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