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  • Sukiyaki Western Django

    Sukiyaki Western Django

    A Western Heads East There may be no director working on the world cinema stage today as interesting as Japanese auteur Takashi Miike. Granted his work isn’t for everyone. In films like Audition and Ichi The Killer, Miike pushes his vision to the extreme, almost […]

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  • In Praise of Community Organizers

    In Praise of Community Organizers

    Watching the Republican National Convention last week was like time travel back to the past. The shots of the nearly all-white delegates brought back memories of Philadelphia in 1776, when the founding fathers-no mothers, please-were all white; blacks were counted as three-fifths; Native Americans were […]

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  • Are you a Capitalist, Communist or Socialist?

    Are you a Capitalist, Communist or Socialist?

    WORKERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE: For a city government that confuses Karl with Groucho Marx, here’s a question asked at the exclusive University Club’s District 3 San Francisco supervisor candidates forum: “In a choice between only three pure economic systems, do you favor capitalism, socialism […]

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  • Recognizing APA Community Organizers

    Recognizing APA Community Organizers

    Some Republicans are attacking Sen. Barack Obama‘s leadership qualifications by denigrating his time as a community organizer, saying that being an elected official is like being a community organizer but with real responsibilities. While Obama’s leadership skill is something that he and his campaign staff […]

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  • Chef Throws Hot Oil at Diners

    Chef Throws Hot Oil at Diners

    Two New York diners of a Chinese restaurant on Myrtle Avenue complained to the chef where they had just ordered take-out.  Sylvia Grice, 44, and Dorranne Leggett, 42,  barged in last week to confront Luien Jhing, 28, and threw their food at him. Jhing retaliated […]

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  • 83 year-old Asian American Woman Found Dead in Bayfair Mall

    83 year-old Asian American Woman Found Dead in Bayfair Mall

    SAN LEANDRO, CA –  An elderly woman diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease who was reported missing 2 weeks ago was found dead at the Bayfair Mall earlier this morning at 8:40 am, according the Alameda County’s coroner’s bureau. Yue Mai was 83 years old and the […]

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  • “Lipstick on a Pig” Ad Attacks Obama – Pigs OK for Asians

    “Lipstick on a Pig” Ad Attacks Obama – Pigs OK for Asians

    Political campaigns can be a “pig sty” at times and when participants “go out on a limb” to attack their opponents, all “jabs” are kept in a “nest egg” until they become “water under the bridge” at some point. But let’s stay away from the […]

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  • Daily Dose: 09/10/08

    Daily Dose: 09/10/08

    » AsianWeek Market Report » Brooklyn Chef Burns Diners » U.S. Vision Researchers Share Portugal Award » Asian American Voter Education Night » Missing 83-year-old Woman Found Dead at Bayfair Mall » Twentieth Century Fox Opens Asian Studio » Chinese Action Star Li Wants to […]

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