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AAA of Northern California, Nevada, & Utah
Resource Group: Asian Pacific Islander Connection (APIC)
Mission: We engage in Asian Pacific American cultural, educational and social activities to promote diversity at CSAA, to enrich its members and to provide opportunities for personal development and professional growth.
Key Activities: To promote diversity at CSAA by broadening employee awareness and understanding of Asian Pacific American cultures, experiences and history and to help CSAA build and maintain strong community and business relationships with Asian Pacific American communities, promote CSAA-brand awareness, build and maintain an Asian Pacific American friendly workplace and provide opportunities for professional growth of CSAA employees.
Chair: Bill Der
Contact: Crystal Kung 415-241-3204 (desk),

Asian American Government Executives Network (AAGEN)
Year established: 1994
Mission: Non-profit, non-partisan organization of the highest-ranking Asian Pacific American career and appointed executives, foreign service officers, legislative and judiciary members and military officers in the federal, state and local governments.
Key Activities: Outreach to APA senior government executives and congressional/private leaders; mentoring and coaching sessions; annual AAGEN conference and award events; regular luncheon/dinner education speaking activities; networking and social gatherings; AAGEN fellowship program; AAGEN community services; AAGEN Intranet.

Resource Group: The Fabulous AsianWeek Contributors and Employees of AsianWeek (FACE)
Year Established: 2008
Mission: To foster a supportive network for AsianWeek employees, to serve as a resource for Asian American professionals, and to celebrate Asian American heritage.
Key Activities: To outreach and network with other Asian American associations; to embrace and share our Asian cultural heritage; to recognize and appreciate employee successes and efforts; to build upon and strengthen work relationships; to provide services/programs to benefit the community.
Chair: Angela Pang


Resource Group: Asian Pacific Islanders for Professional and Community Advancement (APCA)
Mission: Dedicated to creating alliances that enhance professional and leadership opportunities for its members to benefit AT&T and our communities through: Education and membership development; Increased diversity awareness within our corporation and community; Organizational growth and influence on issues that impact Asian Pacific Islanders.
Number of Members: 500 members in 11 Chapters throughout the U.S.
Key Activities: National Conference and Annual Awards Banquet: Annual Scholarship Program; API Heritage Month and Lunar New Year activities; Asian cultural awareness activities among Asian & non-Asian employees; Professional development and networking activities; Mentoring Program; Community volunteer activities; Holiday toy drive and community grants; Supports AT&T in community outreach events, such as Asian Forums, dragon boat races and cultural festivals.
Percent of API Employees: 5
Chair: National President, David Lin
Contact:, 908-234-6778

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Resource Group:
Asian Employee Group
Mission: Bring Asian employees together to celebrate and share our culture with each other and all other employees. To develop camaraderie in order to strengthen our standing in the company relative to promotion opportunities and career growth.  And to improve the quality of life in the Asian American communities we serve.
Numbers of Members: 50 to 100
Key Activities: Chinese New Year Event, Participation in Dragon Boat Races, Moon Festival Celebration, Pistahan Festival.
Percent of API Employees: 23

Booz Allen Hamilton

Resource Group:
Asian & Pacific American Forum (APAF)
Year Established: 1995
Mission: To cultivate awareness of the differences in eastern and western culture, as well as provide professional development for the Booz Allen community.
Number of Members: 400+
Key Activities: Concentrated on May Heritage Month: main event demonstrations of Bhangra and Indian Fusion, the Chinese Lion Dance, belly dancing, Chinese calligraphy and other Asian cultural exhibits; “Discovering Business Opportunities in Asia” panel discussions; martial arts demonstration; Dragon Boat Festival; Tea presentation on the social significance of tea, including samples and traditional snacks; Arab American Awareness luncheon to explore staff interest in establishing a Middle-East focus group.
Chair: Associate Alice Fakir and Senior Consultant Kristi Desai

Corporate Asian American Employee Network (CAAEN)

Year Established: 2004
Mission: CAAEN is a collaborative network of Asian American employee groups from the private, public and educational sectors in the Greater Bay Area community. Our mission is to promote personal and professional development of Asian American employees through networking, sharing best practices and collaborating over common interests such as diversity and community service.
Number of Members: 21 active members
Key Activities: 3 areas of focus: Networking; Support network for employee organizations, such as sharing best practices; Joint programs on areas such as career development, education and community service. CAAEN 2008 Events: Leadership Training Program; Monthly webinars with Asian executive speakers from several CAAEN companies; Paddle for Life, benefiting American Cancer Society; Networking event; Annual Executive Panel Discussion; Annual Leadership Summit; Asian Health Initiative
Chair: Alan Wong; Vice Chair, Leadership Development:  Mae Jean Go; Vice Chair, Annual Event:  Leonides Jong; Treasurer:  Arlene Lum; Secretary:  Debbie Wu; Advisors:  Ray Su, Gloria So, Joyce Chan, Wayland Chan
Contact: Alan Wong,; Mae Jean Go,,

Charles Schwab

Employee Resource Group:
Schwab Network of Asian Professionals (SNAP)
Year Established: 2007
Mission: SNAP is committed to creating a network that promotes the professional and personal development of Asian employees, while also increasing the involvement of Asian American employees in the community. SNAP strives to foster the expansion of diversity at Schwab for all employees.
Number of Members: 80
Key Activities: Helps Schwab to become an Employer of Choice through initiatives benefiting employees such as: professional and leadership development; diversity awareness and education; networking, mentoring and employment branding, in addition to becoming a Brand of Choice through initiatives such as: financial education workshops; partnerships with local professional associations; and community Involvement.

Chevron Corporation
Resource Group:
Asian Employee Network (AEN)
Mission: Facilitate development of an inclusive, diverse and rewarding work environment in Chevron where Asian employees can grow professionally and personally to their full potential. Asia employees will be full and equal partners with other employees and management in all facets of Chevron. This will enhance Chevron’s image and visibility in Asian communities around the world, ultimately benefiting Chevron’s business interests.
Number of Members: Nearly 800 in the U.S. and ten other countries
Key Activities: Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage month to raise awareness among general employees; partner with management to address issues important to Asia-born employees; participate in external activities which showcase Chevron’s diversity efforts.
Percent of API Employees: Approximately 20% of employees are Asian
Chair: Ahmed Badruzzaman, Chairperson, AEN Corp SC; Barbara Kikugawa, General Secretary, AEN Corp SC
Contact: 925-842-1043 or 925-358-7342

Cisco Systems, Inc

Resource Group: Cisco Asian Affinity Network (CAAN)
Mission: Inspire Success and Create Leadership Opportunities
Number of Members: 700
Key Activities: Networking—benefit from an environment where CAAN members can establish networks with each other; Career Development—learn how to actively manage and develop your career; Mentoring—gain insights on how to get the most benefits out of the relationship with our mentor(s); Leadership—learn the essential building blocks of how to be an effective leader
Chair: Nga Vu, CAAN Chairperson
Contact: 408-526-8466

City and County of San Francisco
Resource Group: Coalition of Asian American Government Employees (CAAGE)
Mission: CAAGE provides mutual support and pertinent activities and information that enhance and promote the talents and strengths of APAs in public service.
Key Activities: Conducts workshops to enhance members’ political and management knowledge and skills; celebrates Lunar New Year with key political figures in San Francisco; builds relations with other minority employee groups and Asian community groups; supports voter education and registration efforts via donations to community activist groups; hosts social networking events for members and collegial groups.
Chair: David Wong, President
Contact: 415-725-8688

The Coca-Cola Company

Resource Group: Asian-Pacific Forum (APF)
Mission: The Coca-Cola Company’s Asian Pacific Forum (APF) exists to contribute to the Company’s commitment to promote diversity as a business and provide opportunities for people development, community engagement and appropriate business insights that assist the Company to better connect with key customer and consumer groups.
Number of Members: Approximately 175, plus Executive Advisor and 6-person Business Advisory Board
Key Activities: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month—independent APA film screenings, keynote speakers, cultural performances and demonstrations; sponsorship support of NAAAP National Convention & Diversity Career Fair; local sponsorship and volunteer support of annual events such as Chopstix for Charity, Asian Cultural Experience and Festival of India; resource to internal business functions, notably for import and ventures opportunities related to Asia.
Chair: Anisha Joshi—2008 Chairperson; Betty Lo, David Pham, Jenny Harrison, Ramesh Voddhi—Steering Committee
Contact: Jenny Harrison,

Resource Group: Asians in Motion (AIM)
Mission: To enhance the personal and professional development of Asians and to promote cross-cultural awareness and respect across all diverse groups so that Dell can improve its competitive advantage globally.
Number of Members: 380 (in Round Rock, Texas corporate headquarters); recently started in Nashville, TN
Key Activities: Executive speaker series, community involvement events
Chair: Kari Roberts, Praveen Asthana, Jayaraman Raghuraman, Angeline Tucker—Executive Board

Deloitte & Touche

Resource Group: Pacific RIM Group Northern Pacific Region Chapter of the National Asian Business Resource Group (Pacific RIM Group)
Year Established: 1994
Mission: To support the Asian Business Resource Groups and to facilitate Northern Pacific Region communication and coordination of issues of importance as they relate to recruitment, retention, development and advancement of Asians and Asian Americans at the Deloitte U.S. firms.
Number of Members:
Open membership
Key Activities: Support the professional development of our practitioners; promote social and cultural awareness of the different Asian cultures; strengthen community ties and provide a channel to contribute to the community; facilitate internal and external communication and marketing for general; Pacific Rim Group matters and events; keep Pacific Rim alumni continuously connected
Chair: Sandy Lim, Roy Mathews—Co-Chairs

Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC)

Year Established: 1985
Mission: A non-profit, non-partisan organization representing the civilian and military Asian Pacific American (APA) employees in the federal and District of Columbia governments.
Key Activities: The primary purpose of FAPAC is to serve as an interagency association within the federal and District of Columbia governments, providing a focus for over thirty ethnically distinct groups originating from Asian and Pacific regions as recognized by the United States Bureau of the Census.

General Electric
Resource Group: Asian Pacific American Forum of GE (APAF)
Mission: APAF is a self-support organization that leverages the professional and cultural values of the APA employees to enhance APA career development and GE’s competitive edge in the global market.
Key Activities: Professional development training—community services, culture diversity events, national APAF event participation
Chair: Luke Jen
Contact:, 408-925-1912

Resource Group: Asian American Google Network (AAGN)
Mission: Asian American Google Network’s main goals are to support employee retention and career advancement, educate Google employees concerning Asian American culture and perform community outreach.  We do this by enabling professional development, networking, mentorship, community service and knowledge sharing.
Number of Members: 5 chapters around the country and 8 committees that plan events and activities throughout the year.
Key Activities: Communications; community outreach; community service; educational/cultural; membership; mentorship program; social events; speaker series; a member organization in Google’s Employee Resource Group Coalition.
Chair: Josh Li
Contact:, 650-214-4278

Resource Group: HP Asian Pacific Employee Network (HAPEN)
Mission: To create a community that fosters career and skill development while supporting Asian Pacific American (APA) cultural heritages in the Bay Area.
Key Activities: Provides leadership and guidance for APA issues such increasing awareness of APA cultures and issues; facilitating the sharing of networking and mentorship resources; participating in community outreach activities; and acting as a resource base to promote personal and career objectives.
Chairs: Ray-Zhan Su, Debbie Wu
Contact:, 408-343-5835;, 408-850-3577


Resource Group: Asian Culture Integration (ACI)
Mission: To make Intel a great place to work for employees of Asian descent by facilitating and fostering integration into the Intel culture. ACI’s goals include supporting the full integration of the Asian population into the Intel Culture; fostering professional development and work effectiveness; providing opportunities for networking and mentoring; helpinh Intel to attract and retain Asian employees; and raising awareness of Asian cultural heritage.
Key Activities: Annual Lunar New Year Celebration; Asian Cultural Integration Workshop (through IntelUniversity); Professional Development Forum
Chairs: Cheng Peng, Ken Deng
Contact:, 408-765-4594;, 408-653-9416

IW Group Inc.
Mission: IW Group strives to address the growing needs and challenges of the greater Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) communities throughout the country. The firm’s team of professionals represents a broad and diverse spectrum of cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds.  Each IW Group staff member is actively engaged and committed to philanthropic work that supports the various causes that are important to the growth and well being of the APIA community.
Number of Members: 67
Key Activities: IW Group is a full-service marketing communications firm, with offices in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, specializing in the U.S. Asian and Pacific Islander market. We provide a strong balance of advertising and pubic-relations expertise to our clients.  Additionally, IW Group is engaged in a number of Asian and Pacific Islander programs, events and initiatives and national organizations.
Percent of API Employees: 98
Chair: Bill Imada, CEO and Chairman
Contact: 310-289-5500;

Kaiser Permanente

Resource Group: Asian Association of Kaiser Permanente
Mission: To promote the development of all Asian physicians and staff, thus utilizing their unique cultural heritage to enhance Kaiser Permanente’s competitive advantage and service to the community.
Key Activities: Annual College Scholarship Program; annual high-school student leadership grant; quarterly member newsletter; professional development workshops; Heritage Month activities, including fundraising banquet and Asian art display; Sponsorship of Asian community activities, such as street festivals, dragon boat, etc.; mentoring program; social activities, including annual holiday dinner.
Chair: Angel Shew
Contact: 650-299-2220;

Lockheed Martin

Resource Group: AAPI American Leadership & Mentoring Association (ALMA)
Year Established: 1998
Mission: ALMA is an inclusive Asian American and Pacific Islander American organization that supports and inspires all Lockheed Martin employees to achieve their highest potential. ALMA provides support to and fosters the development of Lockheed Martin employees through mentoring, networking, training and community outreach.
Number of Members: 650
Key Activities: Provides mentoring and professional development opportunities; encourages, supports and participates in the Lockheed Martin programs to raise leadership potential and upward mobility of the Asian Pacific American employees; participates in Lockheed Martin affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, and diversity programs for all employees; promotes networking, communication and understanding among the APA employees, management and other employees; bolsters and encourages a spirit of fellowship and cultural awareness among the APA employees at Lockheed Martin and the surrounding communities.
Contact: Masuma Ahmed; 408-742-2553,

Macy’s West
Resource Group: Macy’s Asian Affinity Employee Resource Group
Mission: Macy’s Asian Affinity ERG fosters cultural understanding, education, networking and community involvement for the personal and professional benefit of our employees.  We believe that this will ultimately enhance the growth and success of our company as we compete within a diverse marketplace.
Number of Members: 185
Key Activities: Increases Asian cultural awareness such as serving as an information resource to issues relating to Asian marketing and merchandise contents; gathering a better understanding of cultural differences to enhance customer service; supporting Macy’s in community outreach events; and participating in Chinese New Year Parade, Asian Month (May) and various local community events.
Chair: Co-Chairs John Chen, Sharon Ng, Telly Sacramento, Pam Wong


Resource Group: Asian Employee Association (AEA)
Mission: AEA of PG&E is an employee organization dedicated to adding value and support to the Company’s corporate goals and by providing its members (as well as all other employees) with an effective forum to enhance their skills, knowledge and experience to enable them to play a key role with their communities and within PG&E.
Number of Members:
Key Activities: College Bound Scholarship Program; APA Heritage Month Celebration; employee mentoring program; community organization partnership; leadership development program; lunch-time brown bag program of various topics.
Chair: Yonnie Leung, Leonides Jong
Contact:, 415-973-5421;


Resource Group: Raytheon Asian Pacific Association (RAPA)
Mission: Promote upward mobility of Asian Pacific professionals; increase Asian Pacific Islander representation in leadership positions; cultivate a diverse and inclusive atmosphere in the work place. Vision: To establish Raytheon as an employer of choice for Asian Pacific Islander employees by fully reaping the benefits of API strengths from its diverse workforce; to be an admired employee organization that fosters professional growth in a diverse workforce through leadership and empowerment.
Number of Members: 2500 people throughout 12 chapters across the country in California, Colorado, Arizona, the Northeast (Boston and Portsmouth, Rhode Island), Maryland, Florida and Texas.
Key Activities: Career development, leadership education, mentoring, community service, recruitment and retention activities and cultural awareness in individual chapters or in joint activities
Chair: Lily Sanford, National RAPA President; Patricia Summers, National RAPA Vice President; Marie Ang, National RAPA Secretary; Ed (Y.E.) Tang, National RAPA Parliamentarian
Contact: Lily Sanford, 520-794-2801,

Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Resource Group: Asian American Affinity Group
Mission: Seyfarth Shaw is creating its National Affinity Groups to help the firm identify solutions and strategies that support the firm’s diversity efforts to recruit, retain and mentor current and future attorneys. Each Affinity Group is also tasked with developing and executing, in concert with the firm, a plan to network and partner with clients, prospective clients and other attorneys and affinity groups within the firm. Asian American Affinity Group mission statement: Recruit, retain and promote Seyfarth’s Asian Pacific American attorneys by developing mentorship programs and high-level business and professional development opportunities
Number of Members: 20 attorneys, including 8 partners representing our group in the following cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.  One team member who is also aligned to Seyfarth’s National Diversity Action Team and chair of the Atlanta Diversity Action Team and another team member who is National Asian Pacific American Bar Association’s National President-Elect for 2009.
Key Activities: Involved with the NAPABA convention, being held in Seattle on November 20—22; in the process of developing several programs for our members within the firm.
Percent of API Employees: 4%, Associates: 7%, Partners: 2%
Chair: Lynnette Sarno

Resource Group: Pan Asian Network Group (PANG)
Mission: To foster a corporate environment in Sodexho that embraces and values the cultural diversity of its employees by enhancing individual and professional growth of Pan Asians and increasing the awareness of Pan Asian culture, thereby contributing to the success of the company.
Number of Members:
Key Activities: Business to Business Cross Network Group Meeting; 3rd Annual Meeting with Keynote Speaker DC Chancellor Michelle Rhee; launch of two chapters in Boston and Philadelphia
Percent of API Employees: 5%
Chair: Nitu Gupta, Vice President of Product Development

Stanford University

Resource Group: Filipino American Community at Stanford (FACS)
Year Established: 1988
Mission: To foster unity, cooperation, harmony and goodwill among employees of Filipino American descent on the Stanford campus, at the medical center and Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) and further extend our camaraderie to other staff and outside community organizations in promoting community services in California and in the Philippines. As funds become available, FACS wishes to sponsor Philippine studies in Stanford.
Number of Members: 200
Key Activities: Brown bag, lectures, cultural, literary readings, arts, civic and social.
Chair: Myrna V. Canizares, Administration/Events; Ador Escoto, Student/Stanford Administration Affairs/External Affair

Sun Microsystems

Resource Group: Asian Diversity Network
Mission: To provide a platform for Asian employees to practice and demonstrate leadership skills; to convert cross-cultural background into corporate talent asset to successfully compete in global business.
Number of Members: 1599
Key Activities: Leadership and Development workshops; Diwali Indian Festival of lights Celebaration; Lunar New Year Celebration; May Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration; Art of Living seminars—Yoga/Science of Breath
Percent of API Employees: 22%
Chair: Jie Zheng—President; Sin Vong—Vice President
Contact: Sin Vong,, 408-404-4870

Resource Group: Visa Asian and Pacific Islander Employee Association
Year Established: 2004
Mission: To support Visa’s diversity mission by (1) promoting and fostering the development of all Asian and Pacific Islander employees, thus utilizing their unique talents, rich cultural heritage and values to enhance Visa’s competitive advantage and service to the community; (2) ensuring that Visa is socially responsible with respect to the concerns of its Asian and Pacific Islander employees and the broader community.
Key Activities: Increase awareness of issues unique to the Asian and Pacific Islander communities and culture; provide a forum at Visa for Asian and Pacific Islander employees to discuss issues related to our group; recognize the achievements of Asian and Pacific Islander employees and their contributions to Visa.
Contact: Armando Rosales,, 650-432-4986; Soya Han,, 650-432-7743

Vitria Technology
Resource Group: Asian American Network
Mission: To provide all Asian American with the training, support, activities, information and awareness to enhance and promote the professional and leadership opportunities within the corporation; to professionally grow Asian employees and expand their career; to raise Vitria profile in Asian community
Key Activities: Career advancement; professional trainings: presentation, management and leadership and work ethic; networking activities; Asian cultural awareness activities; mentoring program; participating in CAAEN workshops.

Wells Fargo

Resource Group: Asian Connection—Bay Area (ACBA)
Mission: ACBA provides a forum for Wells Fargo team members to share experiences and information of importance to Asian American team members and the Asian American communities and will act as a conduit for communication among team members, senior management and the Corporate Diversity Council. A resource that enables Wells Fargo to better align itself with the communities it serves.
Number of Members: 1000+
Key Activities: 1. Promote professional and personal growth through mentorship programs and career development workshop series; 2. Establish networking opportunities for team members through guest-featured happy hours and networking events; 3. Expand community outreach by representing Wells Fargo at diverse community events (e.g. parades, festivals and non-profit and volunteer activities); 4. Increase general and active membership by attracting and retaining diverse team members (e.g. internal and external resume forwarding, internal job posting networks, mentoring, occasional representation at diverse career fairs and community festivals); 5. Provide customer insight by occasionally giving insight to business lines, marketing groups, etc. and trying to reach diverse customers.
Percent of API Employees: 35%
Chair: Executive Co-Chairs: Dana Jung and Chris Cheuk

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