Asian Professionals: Blazing the Path for A New Generation

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Welcome to AsianWeek’s Asian Employees & Professionals Special issue!

For almost two centuries, Asians working in America have been the foundation of power and progress for our community and our country: from laying the first tracks connecting east and west America through the transcontinental railroad to creating a technological revolution that has come to connect the world digitally.

Today, transpacific Asian Americans are building the bridge between America and Asia for exchanges in culture and commerce, melding together the modern with the traditional. As the globe becomes more connected, American companies need Asian companies and customers. Asian companies need American companies and customers. Asian Americans are uniquely suited to help bring all the parties together for mutual benefit.

Asian employee resource groups are a testament to Asian American successes and our shared experiences. Together, these employees and professionals are helping each other and their companies. These organizations, including our project supporters CAAEN (Corporate Asian American Employee Network) and NAAAP (National Association of Asian American Professionals), have helped create a solid and reliable network for colleagues who need guidance in developing community groups and community events and in advancing the business of the companies they work for.

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Multi-national corporations like our presenting partner, Sodexo, the leading provider of integrated food and facilities management services, recognize and respect diversity and inclusion as fundamental to its domestic and global operations. AsianWeek will also develop a Corporate Advisory Council to help us promote the impact and growth of Asian employees.  We welcome the participation of companies like Chevron, East West Bank, Gilead, IW Group, Lockheed Martin and Wells Fargo—all major sponsors for AsianWeek’s special issue—who are committed to supporting its employees of diverse backgrounds and experiences to create strong work environments and better business.

As these groups build on the work of those who came before, they are blazing the path for a new generation of APA employees to come. AsianWeek is proud to support all of their efforts as we are committed to inform, inspire and serve our community.

James Fang, President

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