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  • Asian Pacific Americans and the Crisis

    Asian Pacific Americans and the Crisis

    What effect will the current economic crisis have on the Asian Pacific American community? No matter what happens with the proposed “bailout” of Wall Street (what some people are referring to as taxpayers being extorted to pay “cash for trash”), I can foresee many negative […]

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  • Lao Tzu is Right

    Lao Tzu is Right

    As fall rolls in, socialism is back in fashion. And at a very steep price: over a trillion dollars in additional debt. Since 1989, when the fall of the Berlin Wall served as a fitting epitaph for the 72-year social, political and economic experiment called […]

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  • Skateboard Mom Debates the Lorax

    Skateboard Mom Debates the Lorax

    Chinese Historical Society of America Director Sue Lee calls herself a “skateboard mom” because “I know every skateboard park in San Francisco and the Bay Area,” according to her remarks at last Monday’s supervisors debate in District 1’s (Richmond) police station sponsored by the Neighborhood […]

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  • Daily Dose: 09/24/08

    Daily Dose: 09/24/08

    » AsianWeek Market Report » Esquire’s Most Influential List » FIACONA to Hold Peace Rally/Prayer Vigil at White House » U.S. Census Data Shows Increase in Foreign Speakers » Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo to Finally Get Its Gym » Qigon Grandmasters Visit Ohlone College » […]

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