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  • Daily Dose: 09/25/08

    Daily Dose: 09/25/08

    » AsianWeek Market Report » U.S. Nuclear Warship Arrives in Japan Amid Protests » Campus Commemorates 1968 Student-Led Strike » New Asian American Studies Program at Indiana University » Mar Endorsed by Cyclists, Rides the Richmond to Celebrate » Chinese Americans Celebrate China’s National Day » Call to Sign Mortgage Reform […]

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  • Asian Americans Consider Bailout Plan

    Asian Americans Consider Bailout Plan

    While details are still being worked out on a suggested $700 billion federal bailout plan for the nation’s troubled economy, the Asian American community holds mixed views about the proposal. The Bush administration’s original plan, still under discussion as of press time, would give Treasury […]

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  • If You Walk Like a Bush and Talk Like a Bush…

    If You Walk Like a Bush and Talk Like a Bush…

    The most important presidential election of our time: Presidential campaigns have radically changed from my days in the campaign trenches during the 80s and 90s. As a result of 24-7 cable news and the Internet, it’s now more about “gotcha”-type politics versus substantive discussions about […]

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  • Confident, Tropical Rococo

    Confident, Tropical Rococo

    Oh, Wisit. Not your best week on Top Design. Could you have said “rococo” any more—or been more wrong in using it? We sympathize that Jeffrey Sebelia is just as difficult as on Project Runway; still, he wanted “sleek and modern,” and you were hung […]

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  • The White Media’s Colorless Debates

    The White Media’s Colorless Debates

    The most anticipated debate of the campaign will take place this week. But there’s something missing in this campaign season where “change” is everything: you, or someone who looks like you, up there asking questions of the candidates. Where are the journalists of color? Really, […]

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  • Presidential Campaign Update

    Presidential Campaign Update

    Hundreds of women leaders across the country in fields ranging from business to women’s rights recently highlighted their support for Barack Obama. These AAPI leaders included Bel Leong-Hong, chairwoman of the Democratic Party’s APIA Caucus; Daphne Kwok, former executive director of Asian Pacific American Institute […]

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  • No Bailing Out the Bad Guys

    No Bailing Out the Bad Guys

    This week came the news that the Bush administration intends to hand Wall Street a $700 billion Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card, in a move to help alleviate what is being called the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has urged Congress […]

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  • American Influence in Chinese Exhibit at MOMA

    American Influence in Chinese Exhibit at MOMA

    SAN FRANCISCO — “Half-Life of a Dream,” the exhibition of Chinese contemporary art on display at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art through Oct. 5, is a sweeping collection of the works of many Chinese artists who have tasked themselves with exploring dreamstates in […]

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  • YouTube and Politics

    YouTube and Politics

    SAN FRANCISCO — Mayor Gavin Newsom and YouTube Co-Founder Steve Chen spoke before a near-capacity crowd at the San Francisco Public Library on Sept. 16 in a discussion entitled “Politics in the YouTube Era.” The talk, part of the library’s CitySpeaks series, covered the changes […]

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  • Hot Shots: 09/26/08

    Hot Shots: 09/26/08

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