Paris Hilton’s New Asian BFF

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The season premiere of Paris Hilton’s New BFF aired on Tuesday, and we were introduced to all of the out of control and ridiculously dramatic girls or boys who are trying to become the heiress’s ultimate sidekick. One of the most emotional BFF candidates, Onch, is actually a bisexual boy who takes longer than Paris to get ready to go out!

Vanessa Minnillo’s leaving ‘Disaster’ behind

Vanessa Minnillo wasn’t getting much attention from the media, except for those occasional shots of her and boyfriend Nick Lachey in their scandalous but romantic moments. With a sudden appearance on the cover of Vegas magazine, she made it public that acting was her new career interest. But her role in the spoof-film Disaster Movie really wasn’t really much of a career booster with its horrible reviews. But she is definitely trying to make it as an actress, scoring a new job on the new upcoming movie Refining Love, out in theatres in 2009.

Everyone’s talkin’ about Sandra Oh

The beautiful 37-year-old Korean American actress Sandra Oh definitely has caught Hollywood’s buzz. At this year’s Emmy Awards (where she was a nominee for the fourth year in a row), E! Entertainment criticized her Oscar de la Renta dress as one that “suited a 60-year-old woman better.” But that didn’t stop Dr. Cristina Yang fans from watching Grey’s Anatomy, with a whopping 18.3 million viewers tuning in to last Thursday’s season five premiere. On Jimmy Kimmel Live the night before the premiere, she told everyone she’s getting along great with her new co-star and love interest on the show, Mr. Kevin McKidd.

Perez Hilton obsessed with K-Pop
Perez Hilton, the critic of all critics who every celebrity gossip girl worships, is now posting K-pop videos. You’d think he’s making fun of Asian singers trying to be American, but he claims that he is a Hyori Lee and Wonder Girls fan! Comments are posted all over the website-as if these Perez fans have never seen Asian Americans in the media!

Holly Madison likes Criss Angel’s Magic Tricks

Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner‘s number one girlfriend, has been caught hanging out and being a little too friendly with celebrity magician Criss Angel. Sources say Hefner is looking for new girls to replace all of his girlfriends, but they are still counting on filming season 6 of The Girls Next Door. Holly’s myspace blogs say “Hef and I are not breaking up,” however US weekly explains that Holly bought her own place in Santa Monica. Is she really that in love with him or just after his 140 million trust fund? Either way, he’s still legally married to his ex-wife who had his 4 kids…

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