Palo Alto Youth Observe Confucius Day

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International school of the peninsula’s students honor teachers with flowers

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Vases overflowed with roses, tulips and irises as nursery, pre- kindergarten and kindergarten students placed the flowers onto tables in front of the International School of the Peninsula on September 26 to commemorate Confucius‘ birthday on September 28.

Kindergarten teacher Sherry Yang explained to her class in Mandarin how Confucius was a wise educator and showed a picture of him as well as the characters of his name. Yang also showed a drawing of what a classroom looked like in ancient times.

Sandra Tung, a middle-school teacher from Taiwan, said that in China and Taiwan, Confucius Day is also celebrated as Teachers’ Day.  There, it is a traditional holiday, and all schools are closed.  People attend ceremonies where performers are dressed in ancient costumes, and they celebrate Confucius’ memory at temples.

The philosopher’s  sayings were passed down orally, so Tung’s students recited his philosophies to celebrate his birthday.

Because the date of the moon festival is close to Teachers’ Day, the school celebrated both holidays at once. The principal visited each classroom and presented instructors with mooncakes.

The International School of the Peninsula is an independent, co-educational dual language school for nursery through 8th grade students. It offers two immersion programs, Mandarin Chinese and French, and students celebrate French as well as Chinese holidays.

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