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  • Vets’ High Stakes Gamble

    Vets’ High Stakes Gamble

    For the Filipino World War II veterans who were anxiously awaiting a vote on S.1315, September 22 was a roller coaster day on Capitol Hill. The word had gone out to the veterans the Friday before that the Filipino Veterans Equity Bill, which had been […]

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  • Bay Area Multicultural Realtors Meet

    Bay Area Multicultural Realtors Meet

    UNION CITY, Calif. — Seventeen real-estate professional associations joined efforts for the 2008 Bay Area Multicultural Real Estate Summit on Sept. 26. Over 300 attendees participated in educational courses such as Transnational Referral Certification (led by Fanny Chu), Commercial Real Estate (led by Richard Lombardi), […]

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  • Autumn Adventures

    Autumn Adventures

    The 58th Annual Intercity Invitational Golf Tournament, hosted by the Vancouver Chinese Golf Club, drew over 125 golfers, many traveling from the 22 Chinese Golf Federation Clubs throughout the West Coast. Bringing home the honors in the Championship Flight was the Vancouver Club’s veteran player […]

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  • Asian Americana

    Asian Americana

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  • Letters to the Editor: Real Asian Nominees, Praise Prop B, Facts on Prop H

    Letters to the Editor: Real Asian Nominees, Praise Prop B, Facts on Prop H

    Real Asian Nominees I thought I’d comment on the question posed about Rob Schneider and whether APAs really want to claim him as our own (“Fall TV Season Peek,” Sept. 29). I would not want to, especially because he does not own it openly himself.

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